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Fosters, Australian For "beer"


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OMG... I'm still trying to understand the green sign. After spending today on economics homework..... nothing makes sense anymore.

I liked the veranda w/o a door to get out there. Maybe you could pole vault in??

I took this on the Autobahn last month. I think it speaks for itself! :cheers::lol:

NC.... too funny! Gotta love those classy Germans! Thanks for sharing!

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LOL!! am I pronouncing that right?

You are, in this country! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the first one, thought "man, that bratwurst for lunch is messing with me", so I took that picture. Still couldn't believe it, and my wife didn't understand why in the hell I was laughing & in tears, while everyone else was sleeping while on our way to Heidleberg. So, I took another one too!


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