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Leaking 2000 Gs300

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You are likely suffering from a leaking heater box. The condensate from the air conditioner is collected in a plastic surround (box) and is supposed to run through a hose and drip out below the car. When the heater box (surround) has a crack in it, the condensate runs down behind a plastic shroud on the inside firewall (inside the car), and collects in the floot well, under the padding and carpet. In my car it is only on the driver side. To make sure this is the problem, pull back the carpet and padding. Look for the plastic shroud on the firewall. There are a couple of places where the shroud has scallops at the bottom. You will probably be able to see some insulation that is behind the shroud sticking out at those scallops. Press firmly at the corner where you see the insulation and water should run out as you squeeze it out of the insulation, like squeezing a sponge. If that happens, then you've diagnosed the problem. I have had this happen twice - once when I had about 45,000 miles on my 1999 Gs 3000 (in 2003 when it took them 9 monnths to diagnose the problem) and it's now in the shop for the second time (around 92,000 miles). The first time they fixed it under warranty. This time they want $1,100 for the part (allegedly 1/2 price) and about $800 for labor. I'll know more when they tell me it's ready. They literally have to dissasemble the dash to fix the problem so it's not a cheap fix.

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might be the drain holes are clogged for the sunroof....I am assuming you might have a sun roof, otherwise, forget it.

Yes I have a sun roof where are the drain holes located

I had clogged drain holes also, they are located in the front corners of the sunroof, just open the sunroof and feed some weedwacker cord down through the holes to push the obstruction out. You can also used compressed air but be cautious as it can dislodge the tube from the drain.

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