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Microfiber Cloth/towel Question

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Does anyone use microfiber towels from places like Walmart, Target, Pep Boys, etc? Or does everyone just order from online. I have about 20 microfiber cloths I use for cleaning and buffing and four microfiber drying towels. I ordered all of them from Classic Motoring but I was in Target today and I saw some cloths that looked and felt ok. At least good enough for cleaning and buffing. I'm not ssure wether or not they were made in Korea or China. I have read where a lot of the Chinese microfibers are of cheap quality. These cloths were a 70/20 blend.

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I use lots of different types of microfibers but when polishing I use the yellow Costco towels to remove polish, they work really good. The nice thing is that they are cheap something like $9 or $12 for a pack of 20.

For removing wax, glaze sealants I use different types of microfibers.

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