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  1. Yes on the 10-months ago. And yes I just re-detailed it after 10-months. I said the detail, after 10-months does not look that great. Just showing how JW holds up.
  2. The best oil is integral to what you want. Since you do not test your oil, use the cheapest Gheto-mart oil and filter. Since you buy MF towels there, pick up some oil/filter too. You will not see any diff in your eyes. Blackstone is using the typicial PR status. And that means what? I know we tell certain people to do something etc when it benefits the company or takes them out of the loop. If you want to ride Blackstone Q&A, great. Just like Toyo when you call they give you the std answers when you know very well they know more. I do not get it, you think you are going to live to 90 (
  3. :) I overslept. Start at 5:31 am...Then it was off to cut down trees etc
  4. Why would you use a wool are an orange? To me, it should be the other way around. Nice rish though! :) Not many people do that.
  5. added better/bigger pix. It was before coffee.
  6. Thanks. Here is after 10 months in XXXXX and 25,000+/- miles and NO detailing inbetween. Lets just say the yellow clay was black and boy I love JW stuff! In fact this was after another 28 hours drive back up North to buy a house (and that is 2,150 miles) LOL
  7. Nah, it is some users here, posting above you and me think he knows it all. All this from a 60+ year old that still thinks Amsoil is an additive; but he has a 3 digit IQ. Whatever makes the seniors happy; other then 10% off. :D RB- you are asking questions that, if you have done UOA in your past know-how and have an understanding these issues with engine, enviroment etc would be not an issue. I asked these very same questions to people years ago and still see people asking them. Not that they are wrong but when people start a debate on this very issue and these come up, not going more into
  8. Quick background: Moved down south and moving out. But 10 months and over 25K miles here is the outcome. No before since it was start at 5:35 am.. Drove up back up in Northeast (bought a house) and selling house in Spanish Country! Just did a quick 156 minutes external detail. I know the time since the sons blankets where in the steam dryer and it just finsihed when I put equ away! 1. Washed with Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine; 2. Clayed (yellow) using Blue Mist Final wipe as Lube... 3. Applied Jeff Werkstatt Prime Acrylic, Makita 9227C using LC white pad @ 1,100 rpms. 4. Applied Je
  9. The filters are AVERAGE or junk when you compare the eff /cap ratings per proper SAE standards to other (hence the cheap price and build of them)...But that is my opinion. In my years of testing there are more non-linear wear patterns, stuck valves in filters, poor or huge wears that causes issues down the road on engine with filters then oil. I know what I have seen. On cars and the average joe, they cannot understand UOA, do not want to spend the money etc on them. I told you the story prior. You again are correct and Blackstone, UOA, CAT and Allison are all incorrect on there tribal kno
  10. I will be detailing mine tomorrow morning...been almost 1-year...I do not have OCD but I will be waking up at my normal time to start; 4:20 am!!! :) Done by 9 am
  11. I agree a new battery is NOT fixing the issue. I also agree we do not need a "massive argument" but if someone posts facts on why something is better, I will take it. Until then, I loved tossing Optimas, at 38 lb cells, in the trash...BANG! LOL
  12. So what or why does an AVATOR have to do with anything? It is a pic???? I can show a jet, or even bart simpson..LOL It does not matter. Optima in general is crap in my eyes since I have owned 2 now that failed in two cars. They warranty process is a big cluster %^&*. Not integral to hybrid at all but they failed. If you like them great, if you have not tried that save your money (aka that is my point). A battery either used for your "specific regard" or non-"specific regard" related to a certain manufacture, aka Optima. Which is over pimped more then HEAD ON.
  13. But when their own mods post worse threads, I have PDF'd them, whatever..I do not have time for this double edge BS!...oppps! Kicker is I have more time on this thread thensome of their mods here...WTF It is as bad as some mods post BSing on oil when they are flat-out wrong and I got them in a corner...Opps again
  14. I agree and they are CRAP and that is not a bad word on your language here. I know it is crap, I tried them. Sorry I can post what happened to me. You should not have edited it since I can show a lot worse by your other mods here....Play by the same rules, as in high school. LOL
  15. Well then, he knows it all! Sorry they CRAP. I know, I tossed 38 lbs in the trash of their Red top...Over pimped battery in my eyes. Whom does a crank start? I had way better luck with Costco battery & better warranty (if you need it)..and cheaper. EDIT: fixed mod "adjustment" since it is cleaner then other MOD posts..
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