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Window Tint

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DANG! I just got my back windows tinted about two weeks ago and guess what? Apparently, in the state of Pensylvania, it is illegal to have your windows tinted in a passenger vehicle...BUT it is OK to have the windows from the passenger side back as dark as you want, IF you are a truck or an SUV...how can that be? What makes it any different if you are in a car or an truck or an SUV? Ooohh...I am so mad!...my ride looked so pimp too! I gotta get a pic of it before I take the tint off...I have 30 days before I have to stop at the police barracks to show them I took it off...guess how long it's gonna stay on?...MAN!

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That pretty much sucks. Do post a picture though. For all of you out there, myself included, make sure you find out what the local laws are before tinting. In New Jersey, where I am, legally you cannot tint the front driver and passenger side windows. Anything rear of the driver can be as dark as you want. One quick question, how do limousines get past this law in PA?

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:pirate: I just bought a new GS300 and I have an appointment to have the windows tinted next week. I have had my automobile windows tinted since 1981 even though it is against the law in the state of California. The fix-it ticket is $15 and the odds of getting pulled over and written up out weight the sun damage prevention in my opinion. In all of the years I have had my tint, I've only been written up 3 times. Not bad odds I'd say. I never tinted the driver and pax side windows darker than the lightest tint available, but the back windows have always been medium to dark. I think that's the key, not to go too dark on the driver's and pax side. Also, if you see a police car, roll the windows down :D

Good luck

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