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  1. That pretty much sucks. Do post a picture though. For all of you out there, myself included, make sure you find out what the local laws are before tinting. In New Jersey, where I am, legally you cannot tint the front driver and passenger side windows. Anything rear of the driver can be as dark as you want. One quick question, how do limousines get past this law in PA?
  2. Thanks bluelex. From the diagram it looks like the original wires just need to be stripped of the insualtion and soldered to the new ECU wires. When I get some downtime I'll give it a shot. I put back the stock intake for now.
  3. It's a 2000 GS400. Sorry for the omission.
  4. Ok guys I need some confirmation quickly. It's Sunday night and I need my car for work tomorrow. All that's left of my SRT install is to put in the ECU. Question; The existing wires, do they need to be removed from the factory harness or do I just remove some of the insulation on the wires, leaving it connected to the harness, and just solder on the appropriate wire from the SRT ECU? Effectively having two wires connected to one point in the factory harness (like a 'Y' shape with the bottom of the Y going to the factory harness, one leg of the Y is the original wire and the other is from the SRT ECU. I want to make sure I get this right because if I don't, the factory intake is going back on. Thanks
  5. If you have a navigation system you may want to be cautious about tint with a high metallic content as it may intefere with it.
  6. It depends on the type of bass you're looking for. A free air sub will give you a boomier type of sound. One that tends to resonate as the sound gets louder. An enclosed sub will give you much tighter bass. One that doesn't tend to resonate at louder volumes. This reiterates what sternern stated. Some people feel that an enclosed woofer gives a cleaner sound. You'll have to decide what you want. Also be aware that an enclosed sub in a sense is attempting to move air in a sealed box and as a result will require more power to get the same decibel level as an open air sub. Hope this helps.
  7. Does anyone know if it's possible to have the driver's seat move back any further? My legs sometimes cramp up after medium to long drives. Is there a physical stop underneath the seat that stops it from going back any further? I did a cursory search in the forum and didn't see any topics on this and I know I can't be the first one to ask this question.
  8. Ok, I've just spent the better part of the morning and afternoon wrestling with my exhuast system. I'm a fairly big and strong guy and for the life of me I could not get the bolts that connect the exhaust pipe flange to the muffler inlet flange to budge. Liquid Wrench? Nope! PB Blaster? I don't think so. Grenade? I'll try that next. Seriously though it's either get an impact wrench or use a dremmel tool to cut through the bolts themselves. Good thing the L-Tuned exhaust came with hardware! Anyone attempting to do this work themselves should be prepared for this contingency. The bolts are easy enough to get to but you might need Mr. Schwarzenegger's arms to remove them. I'm just expressing some frustration here in the hopes that it would make me feel better. It did. A little bit anyway. Now where did I put that dynamite...?
  9. I just received my Explosion body kit. I'm in Central New Jersey and I'm curious if anyone knows of a good body shop that can paint and install the body kit in my area.
  10. I just ordered an Explosion Style body kit for my GS400 knowing that I would not be able to use the stock fog lights as the Explosion body kit has circular openings. Does anyone know if I can get lights to fit this kit just about anywhere or is there a place that sells fog lights specifically made to fit this body kit?
  11. I'm planning on customizing my GS and I'm looking for a reliable vendor. Intended modifications: Explosion Style Body Kit L-Tuned Exhaust SRT Intake and ECU Springs/Shocks for lowering
  12. I have a 2000 GS400 and the owner's manual states that the windows should not be tinted on vehicles containing the navigation system as this may interfere with the normal operation of the system. Has anyone had such a problem?
  13. The car looks good. I'm curious about the work you had done. Obviously the car's been lowered. By how much and what type of springs did you use? Also, what size wheels and tires are you running? They look like 19's or 20's. Feel free to add anything else!
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