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  1. I just got back from the Toronto Auto show and had the opportunity to sit in the new GS300 and GS430. It is everything I expected and more. I can't say that you'll be seeing me in one in the near future, but it reminded me how much I miss my old Lexus. I'm going to scavenge for a 93 - 97 GS again. Cheers, Dave
  2. This is it guys... I've really enjoyed trading tips and advice with you over the past year or so. But due to financial reasons, I have to get rid of the GS. I'm real broken up about it, too. If things pick up, I'll be back on here with a 2006 GS in a heartbeat. You can count on that. Lexus is king of the car world right now, as far as I'm concerned, and my money will go nowhere else (if I had money ) Cheers guys. I'm out.
  3. I always figured if you could afford an E55, you could afford the costs that go along with it. As for my GS: With a decent maintinance schedule, it is problem-free.
  4. I'd say he did a pretty good job, actually. Probably would have been worth it to change the green lights in the climate control too, though.
  5. My alternater is dead. I took a look in my friend's 2000 Camry and it looks like the same one. Is it? Thanks
  6. The dealer at the auto show this weekend wouldn't tell me about prices but she did say that the 430 will also come in AWD :)
  7. I have a '93 and it has real cupholders that slide out of the center armrest. I remember going to my Lexus dealership and sitting in a 2003 GS300 Sportdesign and thinking "where the hell are the cupholders?!" I did see the shallow void you're speaking of and I couldn't believe those were the cupholders... I guess they are.
  8. "Is this your address as I will be there tomorrow" That's hilarious. Good luck finding Slammedgs400 and getting your money back, man.
  9. Or try a different brand of brake-pad. Softer = less squealing. I have a 93 GS and there has yet to be a single sound emitted from the brakes.
  10. Change your cabin filter to get rid of that smell.
  11. I always liked red... ever since I saw a set of red brembos on a 911 Turbo.
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