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Brake Noise


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I just bought a 95' SC300. I love the car but just had a brake job done at "Brakes Plus" using their best ceramic pads and now I have annoying squeel sometimes. Is there a proper way to seat the pads when new? Is there a pad that users recommend that won't squeel? (are factory pads the best route?) I'd like some suggestions to take with me when I take the car back to "Brakes Plus".



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I've got the same problem and it's caused by the rotors not being machined when the brakes are changed.

The rotors glaze over and then you get the squeak.

The way to fix it now is just wait till these brakes wear out (if you're cheap like me) and then have the rotors machined(in my case replaced) and new pads.

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I had the rotors machined and they look great, so the noise isn't from them, it must be the ceramic pads or the items mentioned above. (anti squeal lube or clips not being used) I can see clips through the wheels though.

I've always had problems going to after market pads- factory is the only way to go, even if they don't last as long, at least they're quiet.

My ceramics are making less noise, now that I have a few hundred miles on them, but they still squeal once in a while- I hate noisy brakes, people look at you like you're driving a piece of junk.

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I am a new 93 sc300 owner - just looking for clarification-the brake noise is not inherent to the SC series I hope- If I go to a brake specialist can they handle it or should this be fixed by Lexus dealer only?Should these shims always be used? Should this grease always be used. My car has fairly consistant squealing but not every time. Thanks

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I'm a new owner too but I don't think brake squeal is inherent to the SC series. I've had it with other cars too, when I have used other than factory pads- I'd say with factory Toyota pads and turning the rotors, you should be ok.

*Maybe we can get some input from SC users that use factory pads.

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