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Spirit Levels


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Spirit levels?? Interesting, tell me more. Are you talking about the sight glass levels on the headlights? I have no idea how they work. The headlights are fixed in position and there are no motors or anything on them, so your guess is as good as mine. There may be some sort of write up in the fsm. I'll check if I get a chance.

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spirit levels ?

never heard of them before

but the little glass levels with green fluid is used to level the adjustment of the headlights

you have to park the car on a perfectly flat surface

then use one of the adjusting knobs to make the light shine up or down which tilts the level and moves the air bubble into the center to make the light level

other cars have little nubs on the headlight clear housing

usually 3 for each low beam that encompases the headlight

a tool attaches to it

that is basically a level also and readjsuts the headlight the same way

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