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  1. hi, just made it on my sc400 not myself but at the dealer. anyway i don´t know exact procedure but i suggest you to change waterpump as well it cost me 66$ only and old one was totally off with 104k miles. I hope someone tells you about this procedure it´s not hard but has to be done properly, last owner of my car screwed one of the pully bolt so tightly that mehanic couldnt get it out without damaging the screwhole. It was unpleasent surprise...hope you will do it ok. tom sc400
  2. I had a similar problem and my car engine also stopped twice, dealer told that sensor THROTTLE POSITION (FOR E.F.I) is bad -200$ I have to replaci it i guess.. tom sc400
  3. how about slippery in rainy days? Is there any drastic difference between stock and wider tire? tom sc400
  4. just noticed that I have kind of warning signs below my data? I can´t see anyone else have it? Does anyone know what it means and why I have it? thanks tom sc400 Club Member Group: Members Posts: 25 Member No.: 1914 Joined: 26-June 03 Warn: (0%)
  5. well i was told that iridium plugs are very fuel sensitive (bad quality of fuel will destroy em).? I dont know maybe it depends on car and other staff also but people I talked told that they change those plugs every year... tom sc400
  6. don´t know about sc430 but sc400 can handle with snow no problem as said good tires and slow accelerating comes with it! In my area is snow on the road at the moment and somtimes it´seven fun! Ofcourse there is lot´s of cars which can do it better in the snow but I personally can´t resist the sc400. just my thought´s... good luck tom
  7. how much for this "first upgrade" ? have you ever calculated the cost for this staff? let me know tom
  8. I got good lesson which i´d like to share with you. After I filled up my fuel tank i parked my sc 400 inclined to the fuel lid and it was very big mistake... Today morning I opened the door and it was nightmare... there was such of gasoline smell I couldn´t survive. As you know gasoline steam is highly explosive, some bad coincients (bad connections etc) and you don´t have the car any more. I think I know the cause of this leaking, fuel tank is behind the back seat and apparently fuel leaked out down to the back seat because tank was fulfill. I hope that smell is gone afrer while and of cou
  9. did I say spirit levels? quess i did... but you understood me perfectly well so I got my answer thank you! tom
  10. just wondering how they use those spirit levels top of the head lights? i quess for the timing but how? never seen it in any other car... tom 95sc400
  11. hi, exactly my point...any help would be appriciated! tom
  12. No I´ll not buy it from the factory, is there any reasons why should I do that? tom sc400
  13. sorry it didn´t work out with master key.. core is damaged i quess. I´ll let it check someone who knows smth about locks - some thief will open it:) tom sc400
  14. for 400$ i´ll get brand new changer and probably it is the best way. tom sc400
  15. Thank you guys! I´ll try with master key I have the one. I´ll let you know. tom sc400
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