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Stalling Under Hard Braking.

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I have a 1992 ES300 with about 190,000 miles on it. I very rarely have any problems with it. I do however have a problem under hard braking comming to a full stop. The car just shuts off. I noticed the idle is really low after an agressive stop. This is the only time it does it. Any comments on this annoying problem.

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three things come to mind,

1. idle air control valve

2. if it is an auto tranny, the lock up torque converter is not unlocking quick enough.

3. fuel pressure problem.

on #2, try this on your own. get it up to speed, drop it into neutral, then hit the brakes hard and see if you stall then.

on #3, you don't indicate how much fuel there is in the tank when this happens (not that any of us would have mentioned it). If the tank is low, the gas may slosh fowrward and the fuel pump may be tired enough that it can't get fuel to the rail and injectors quick enough. Long shot I know, but the ultimate could result in a pressure problem.

just a couple of quick thoughts.

Then again, if the car is a manual, I would say you forgot to step on the clutch. :chairshot:


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I had the same problem with my 1992 es300 with 135,000 on it. I tried replacing the idle air control valve, pcv, air filter, and it had no effect. Turns out for me that my tranny fluid was getting low so I added some more fluid and the problem went away; has not once acted up again for the last 10 months!

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