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Ect Power Button

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So, let's make this really informative and someone tell us just what the ECU does when the ECT is set to Power! :)

ie. If I should ever find myself in a race,...errrr. I mean, passing a Semi,.......and I'm in the "auto" mode, does the ECT help me? What if I go to Manual mode on the shifter? Does ECT operate the same there?

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93 GS300 as well as my friends 2000 4Runner... ECT PWR simply holds out on shifting up a wee bit longer. It makes no difference if you're simply flooring it. Then it will just shift at the redline no matter what mode you're in.

I don't have one of those fancy auto/manual trannys, so that's why I specified the cars.

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With the steady rising gas prices I wanted to throw this question out there...does the ECT Power button on my '98 GS300 use more gas or is it computer controlled?

Please let me make this matter aclear on for you. The E.C.T. button does not use any more gas then if you were driving in a normal manner. What it does do is this. Under hard driving it will hold your gear until just before red-line. That is where you would lose M.P.G. not by having the power mode on but by using it....lol

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