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Radio Problems


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I recently have started to have a problem with the stereo in my 2000 rx300 where only bass comes out of the speakers. It seems to happen after it rains and I shut the car off. When I get back into the car and start it up there is only bass (worked perfectly fine before and while driving in the rain) Does anyone have any ideas? I am thinking a loose connection somewhere, but am not sure where to start to look. How do I access the amp or the radio connections to check them. The problem goes away after a while with the mid and treble seeming to turn back on.

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that is odd

i would ask them why they don't think it has a warrenty

and also are you saying the lexus bumper to bumper is done and the drivetrain one is stil godd

or that noen of them are any good anymore

and you havea reseller of warrenties?

my 94 es had 5 year warr until 99 oct with 110 000 km

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You car is only 3k past the 4/50,000 warranty! I'd be ripping the Service Manager a new A**hole if they don't cover that under warranty. If he doesn't help you then keep going up the ladder until you get someone who does. Call corporate if you have to.

My mother had a 1992 Toyota Corolla and in 1995 the exhaust manifold cracked and the car had like 78k on it. She complained about it and Toyota fixed it under warranty for her. Lexus should do the same for a measily stereo problem. Don't give up until they fix it for you.


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