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  1. You can use the 97 bushings on all model year SC's. You can also use the 94-98 Supra LCAs. The Supra LCAs come with new ball joints and bushings. The bushings in the Supra LCAs are made of a harder rubber compound so the ride will be a little firmer compared to using the 97 SC bushings which are made of a softer rubber compound. Don't forget, the SC was built to be a luxury sports coupe whereas the Supra was built to be an all out sports car. Hope this clears up a few things.
  2. The wheels look great. So does the rest of the car. Is your body kit a real Vertex or a VIS copy? Any fitment issues? I'm also interested to know the size and offset of the wheels.
  3. I agree. The system probrably needs to be bled. You might also check to see that they put in ATF and not power steering fluid. It should be red in color.
  4. I bought a set for my 18" HP EVO wheels. I haven't mounted them yet because the wheels haven't arrived yet! It's good to hear that they perform well though. I got 245/40/18's for the front and 265/35/18's for the rear and I paid $484 delivered. You can't beat the price anywhere.
  5. I'm with him on this one. You are much better off buying a GOOD car from half way across the country and having it shipped. Shipping would be around $700-900 and good SC400's can be found on autotrader or ebay. Just have them checked out by a Lexus dealer. You might be able to enlist the help from a LOC member who is nearby a car you are interested in. Good luck.
  6. I'm not 100% sure, but if you have ANY bulbs out then you should replace them. That may fix the problem. If it doesnt then you'll need to contact the place you bought the module from as it may be defective.
  7. The fact that you can buy a low mileage 1UZFE V8 engine for $400 should tell you that they last a long long long long time (when taken care of). There's just no market for them because they don't break! My 92 SC400 has 163k on the clock and it looks and drives like a 40k mile car. The Toyota/Lexus 1UZFE V8 was WAY ahead of it's time when it was designed back in the late 80s.
  8. SC4Million is correct. 92-97 model year 4 spd auto trannys are all the same. The 98 model year came with a 5pd auto tranny with the gated shifter. Besides, the fact that the two trannys you have are the same part # is a dead give away. :D
  9. There are a few good oil studies on the net. Do a search. If you do follow any of the extended oil change schedules you'd BETTER use a quality filter. That was always the weekest link.
  10. irontoad dot com is another place to get dealer parts for cheap. I use Carson Toyota as well. I'll get quotes from both of them anytime I need something. Either way, you can't go wrong.
  11. For once, I actually agree with what the dealer said. At 102k, there is no way that you need to replace all 8 control arms. You don't drive like a bat out of hell over pot hole covered roads, do you? The front lower control arms are usually the first to go and then MAYBE the rear lowers. I'd get it checked out somewhere else first and see what they say.
  12. There are 4 reasons for poor gas mileage. 1) Tune up needed 2) Carbon build up or dirty fuel system 3) Mechanical / emissions problem 4) Driving habits The first thing I'd do is check for any vacuum leaks. Next I'd change the air filter if dirty and run some Techron as suggested or try Seafoam. Seafoam is fantastic for getting rid of the carbon build up and cleaning out the fuel system. If that doesn't fix the problem then do a complete tuneup (plugs, caps, rotors, wires, fuel filter, pcv valve). If you are still getting poor mileage then you may have some other problem. Has the check engine light gone on at all? If after doing all of the above and you still have poor mileage then..........SLOW DOWN! :D just kidding
  13. No. We just used some rubber fuel hose, split it down the middle and wrapped it around the upper coils. We secured it with plastic zip ties. The only thing we had to do was remove the wheel. It took a total of about 20 minutes to do both rear springs.
  14. You could also look for 95-00 LS400 calipers. They are also 4 pot and fit the SC's just like the Supra TT calipers do. BTW, I know of 2 people on another forum selling TT calipers. I can send you a link if you want. PM me if interested. Sorry, I don't know if the Z32 calipers will work or not.
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