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Hello. I just bought a 2000 ES300 and it has 83k miles on it. I just got the oil changed, installed HID, removed the Lexus and es300 emblems, got 21% tint, replaced the spark plugs, put in Weapon R Dragon Intake and I am wondering what else I should do maintenance wise. I am getting the tires balanced and rotated on monday. Should I replace the transmission fluid? Wires/hoses? Battery? Also I noticed it may not be as smooth riding as when I bought it or maybe I am just used to it now. I recently started feeling a slight vibration in the gas pedal at 1650-1750rpm. Any ideas? Thank you for your input.


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Assuming the tranny fluid was serviced regulary you could go for a flush and fill using toyota atf+4 fluid only. Also check the coolant, possibly drain and fill, pcv valve, wires should've probably been changed with the plugs (but i think you use coil packs so you should be fine), unless the battery is leaking or something why change it when it works, i'm not 100% certain when the timing belt should be changed but look into it... and when you're done with all of that stuff give it a seafoam treatment... or not.

oh yeah, check your P/S fluid also (uses ATF fluid) and other juices that keep your car happy.

as far as the vibration goes I can't help you there other than saying check engine mounts and any rattling heat shields.

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