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I've read threw pages and pages of both this forum and my.is but i just wanted to get a good opinion.. I just picked up an '02 IS e-shift with 94k for 11$. All maintenance by dealer and such, FL car, :D only thing is Cd changer comes up with error's just as the countless other units. My question is should i bother fighting the dealer to replace it, or should i just replace it with a nice aftermarket head unit? :whistles:

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I think both. I would put up a big fight to replace it. The factory CD player isn't cheap. I've seen them on Ebay for around 300.00 used. I don't know what the real prices are exactly. I think Bartkat knows for sure.

Once youv'e exhausted them and they haven't given in, then you offer them this as a way out:

You'll split the cost of a "prorated" factory CD player with them. Even if you get them to couph up 100-200 bucks, you can use that to help offset the cost and go out buy a new system that you can pick out yourself.

I wouldn't just let them off the hook, that's for sure.

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