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No Radio/cd Player Work-'92 Ls400

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O.k. here's my problem. I bought my '92 LS400 used just a couple of months ago. In the beginning, the radio would decide when it wanted to work. Occasionally the radio would come on, the antenna would go up, and the light for the radio panel would come on. It is the Pioneer factory unit. I have the 6-disc changer in the trunk. These days, the radio will not play at all, though the display shows stations. Also, the display light does not come on, and the antenna does not go up. The CD player and cassette player work just fine. Great sound for those, though display light will not come on for those options either. I've checked the connections in the back of the unit, everything's hooked up fine. Any advice on what my problem could be? Alos, I checked all the fuses, all are good. :chairshot: :chairshot: :chairshot:

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Here comes the hardest part now. Finding a radio I won't have to sell my soul to afford. :lol: Would you have any idea if a factory radio from a SC300 or SC400 would fit in my '92 LS400. Both are pioneer premium head unit. :wacko: Appreciate your advice. :D

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I am definitely interested, I just need to make my wallet jump on that bandwagon. Especially since my wallet seems to be directly connected to the happiness of my husband. Anyway, please let me know how much you could get it for. I've found one salvage yard around my area that has it, but they want an arm and a leg and my daughters first-born. :chairshot: Thanks!

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