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Lexus From Canada


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I think it's worth buying a Lexus in Canada and bringing it into the US. I don't know if Lexus will allow it, or what type of tariff will have to be paid in order to import it. has anyone done this, or have any experience/advice on how to get it done?

thx you


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Also, Canadian Lexus's have the speedometer/odometer in Kilometers. I know that the US models have the outer reading in MPH and the smaller reading towards the center of the speedometer in KPH. The Canadian cars are the opposite.

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cars are cheaper in canada especially resale vehicles

many dealers come to canada and ship truck loads of suv's mainly to the states and get a new dash for a couple hundred

a new is 300 is 37,775 here

is sport cross is 44,195

es 43,800

gs 3 61,700

gs 4 69,500

ls 82,800

sc 85,500

but with the way the canadian dollars has improved it may not be a good a deal anymore

as it is about 1.30 for 1 american

each state varies for taxes so you have to check with your local dmv

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