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  1. Hi RPWSRW. Your smile is not going to last for long. I bet you on that ;)
  2. I would not buy the ES330 again as it operates today. When merging into traffic you could get into an accident very easy if you are not carefull enough. My is 2004 with 7k miles :o My adive, stay away from it. it operates as designed(lexus constant reply to a problem)
  3. You are out of luck my friend with boths options. Lexus normal response is(it operates as designed) Join the club
  4. EXCELLENT DEAL. 34k is becoming very common for a loaded es330 and I think is because the Acura TL and the Nissan G35. Just look at the new TL price/options and rating for 2004. .
  5. I have created a list of items I found and believe to be wrong in my ES330 and would like to have everyone comment or opinion on them. Be aware that each item have been compared to 2 other cars of the same year (ES330/2004) and do not show those conditions as mine. Car pulling to the left. Resolution adjusted front end and rotated all tires. Did not fix the problem. The car still pulls to the left. This issue has been reported to by others owners. Navigation System giving incorrect direction or does not know where the building number I told it to take me to is located. Resolution: De
  6. I have precisely the same problem with 6000 miles ES330 and was wondering if I should report this. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I hope that if I report it, I won't get an answer like, Operating as designed
  7. thank you very much. I should have known that.
  8. If I don't change my oil at the dealer, how do I reset the Maintenance Required Code on my ES330? thx you
  9. My Car Mats are of Tan Color(Very Light). Does anyone know of a clear cover for the car mats so that I can better care for them? thank you
  10. Hey Mike, Check you warranty book or call the dealer and see if it's covered! It could be considerd abuse if you listen to music loud with lots bass and up all the way. It's really a judgement matter and what your warranty will cover! Thanks Impossible the ML does not provide enough bass to do such damage
  11. After listining to my ML sound system in the es330 for more than 2 weeks, I am willing to bet that sound system that came in my 1993 Camry XLE V6 sounds better, provide better tunes than the ML sound system found in my new es330.. Does anyone has any idea why something like this will happen. Not modification of any kind has been made to the 1993 camry. thank you for any help. I am just puzle by it. specially after paying for an ugrade that only is available with the navigastion system. :o am I missing something?
  12. I just took delivery of mine 1 week ago and the price was MSRP $37,934 and my price was $34,690 including registration and doc. fee but not my tax amount of 6%
  13. I'll pick up my es330 next saturday, should I ask then not to touch it in or outside? Can you give me any addtional advice. Mine is Crystal White. Does is make any diferrent? Thx you
  14. Mine: Puchased on 4/93 V6XLE CAMRY as of today 430,783 miles with the same engine. Rebuilt Trans. at 280,459. REplaced water punp 2 times. powersterring punp 1 time when it had 90,000 mile. Changed oil every 7500 miles. Any better and would hate it. and i would not sell it. Next will pick up ES330 on 12/16/03.
  15. stuartr, Thank you for the info. He almost got me. Thank you again. Great job! ;)
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