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An Import Mechanic Says


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so i took the car to an import mechanic who seemed to have a lot of german cars lying about.

he was sort of dismissive about my vibration concern and told me to do nothing. he says it's just the engine. when i told him maybe the mounts were screwy, he gave them a glance, but not too hard of one. i did shift gears for him and he said the movement he saw was normal.

he wasn't trying to cheat me, so maybe there's some truth to what he's saying.

but still, i hear that ever-so-annoying vibration! should i take it to lexus this friday and have them hook it up to their computer or whatever and see if they can help?


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Early last year I took my 1998 ES300 into the dealer for 60,000 mile service. Lo and behold he found additional work that my car needed. Among them was to replace the lower arm bushings for $891. I passed and was informed that failure to do so would lead to other problems. The car makes a cluncking noise sometimes when it drive. I recently had to have the car in the shop and asked them to check the lower arm bushings. I was informed by my independent mechanic that they were fine! What was causing the clucking noise was a broken engine mount and warn out strut. Having both repaired cost me $220 and the noise is gone. I asked my mechanic about the bushings, and he said they were fine.

I hesitate EVER to go back to the Lexus dealer.

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