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Emission Control Warranty For Used Is?


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I bought a 2003 Lexus IS 300 with 46,000 miles on it from a non lexus dealer. They assured me that I was covered with a 70,000 mile powertrain warranty.

The first time I took it to Lexus, they told me that they did not have to honour the warranty because the previous owner had not gone into Lexus for the regular maintanence check ups. Does this sound right?

Because of this, over the last two years I have had to pay out of pocket for maintanence, which has been just replacing two O2 sensors.

I just had the CEL come on again, only about a month after the last O2 sensor replacement. It gave me three codes (p0441, p0442, and p0446) All of these are related to the evap emission control system (vent circuit malfunction, purge flow fault, and leak).

I read on another forum that federal regulations mandate that all vehicles are covered by a 100,000 mile emission control warranty.


Does that mean that I should be covered for emmisions control repair? Or will Lexus try to tell me that they do not have to honour such a warranty?

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Not sure if the sensors are covered, but people have been needing to replace them around 70,000 miles. I think the cats are covered though. There should be a booklet that came with the car that tells the specific items in the emissions warranty.

If the previous owner had records of service, it didn't have to be done by a Lexus dealer to maintain the drivetrain warranty.

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Yeah, unfortunately the o2 sensors aren't part of the power train anyway. Also, if you have the warranty in writting, you can call them directly and they should be able to answer any questions you have. But beside the o2 sensor issue, I would be more concerned as to why you keep going through sensors. Is it in fact just a bad sensor??? or is there something there happening that is causing the sensor to code? That is the problem I see you having here. If your just replacing o2 sensors, maybe you should have them look closer and fix the real problem.

there are after market warrantees available still. Mercury offers a 6 year 100,000 mile warrantee that cover everything except user wear items such as tires and brake pads, etc. etc. I got one with my IS 300. What makes this warrantee awsome to have is that you can take your car to any mechanic you want to. All the shop has to do is call the number and they get a credit card authorization directly from Mercury on the spot. And there is a 0.00 $ deductible as well. I've never been so happy to have bought that " extra" warrantee before.

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