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Heading To The Dealer Tomorrow ...

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lucky you. I'm on my 3rd Lexus & they absolutely are the best cars I have ever owned. If I were ordering I would specify that I do NOT want the Bridgestone Turanza tires. I got them on my LS460 & since I have heard several users say that they are not happy with them. I haven't got enough miles on my car to know.

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I got my 460L one month ago and love it. My lease was ending on my Audi A8L and prior to that I had a S500. This car is much superior and I hope my expectations for reliability are met. I spent entirely too much time at the service department for non-routine service issues with both the Benz and the Audi.

As an aside, the Black Sapphire Pearl with Alabaster is a great color combo. The black often looks dark blue and the new Telios rims that came with it really set it off.

Good luck.

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I ordered it - smoky granite exterior and grey interior. I ordered all of the options EXCEPT executive seating (over the top) and touring package (precludes other desired options). I did add the air suspension, and radar cruise control/collision avoidance system. I wanted to order the lexus rear seat video but it is not available seperately; it is bundled with the executive seating package. The dealer (Pohanka) works with an aftermarket company that installs these and they warranty them with the car.

Apparently we're just heading into the transition period between the 2007/2008 model years. My sales guy does not expect major feature or price changes so I'm targeting a 2007. Does anybody have any info on updates to the car for the 2008 MY? Also I forgot to discuss extended warranties - does anybody have any experience with the lexus offering?

He gave me a target of August to receive the car ... looks like 90 days or so of ANTICIPATION for Hank. I'll continue to live vicariously through our board members until then!

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I have a Verdigris Mica LS600hL on order, due in June.

At first, we had the Nobel Spinel Mica in mind, but we saw the green Verdigris at the dealer and chose that on the spot.

One of the optional features I most value is the radar cruise control. I predict that you're going to LOVE it. I use it all the time and, along with navigation, are the two features I now require on a car. Without the radar, the value of cruise control is much reduced as in light or moderate traffic you must continually fiddle with your speed.

Another comforting advantage of the radar is that if your attention gets diverted (it DOES happen), and you start approaching the car in front of you, your Lexus will keep your distance. It'll be interesting to see what happens in this situation, though, with the new-fangled driver attention monitor.....

This will be my third LS and this time I plan on testing a Lexus feature I've never used before: that of long term reliability. My previous two were traded in after 3 years, but I plan on keeping this one for 10 years or so.


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Just got my Dark Gray Metallic LS460L with Gray Interior with Bird-Eye Maple Wood (??? or something like that) yesterday. Looks pretty nice. The exterior Dark Grey metallic is quite nice and probably easier to take care of than Black color. I think grey on grey is nice, except you need to be careful taking care of the gray interior.....

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... to order an LS460L. I plan to get all of the options except rear cooling system and executive seating package.

Any advice or comment is welcome!


When they go to sell you the "low-jack," you might want to give it a miss. With Lexus Link, they can locate your car. Also, consider the pre-pay of maintenance. I was also able to negotiate the $1,500 extended warranty (to 100K miles) down to about $700.

Take advantage of the Lexus Link "Advanced Services" and see how you like them. Good stuff.

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