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Dear All,

I need an advise. I brought myself a second Lexus ES300 - 1999 Unfortunately all the four shocks are beyond repair and needs to changed.

The electric shock from lexus center for ES is are damn to expensive.

The only option I have is to go to junk yard or buy a brand new Monroe Sensa Trac.

My question is ... are Monroe SensaTrac equals to the one Toyota use for ES300.

Can any one help ?

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The shocks he has are not the normal ones as they are adjustable , I think it has a damper adjustment attachment on the top of each shock tower. You would need another adjustable shock. I am not sure if kyb made your type of strut.

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Dear All,

The shocks used are the electrical one.. that is i have a switch in the car which turns the shocks from sport to comfort at different level.

Will monroe sensa trac do the job ?

KYB are they japaneses ? Because my car is made in Japan

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