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  1. ebay, search for JDM Lexus headlights its hard to find USDM headlights in good condition, I ordered new headlights from japan and i will post the results when I get them on wednesday
  2. there are no bulbs. search the forums. its 8 bulbs that in there, but you will need about 32 if u want it to look bright and as even as possible read and get informed
  3. your O2 sensors how much with shipping to zip code 08105
  4. Here she is reaching 100K mile folks
  5. KYB is the OEM supplier for our Lexus and the springs should be OK, but check them in case, make sure u replace both strut mounts thats where your thumping noise is coming from and replace the stablizer bushings.
  6. Hey guys I replaced the dog bone mount about 8 months ago and need to know how I can tell if I need to replace the other mounts?
  7. My cousin tire shop he balanced them done to '0' on the machine, I watched him do it and he told me that other shops dont have that kind of care to give them a bulls eye balance
  8. I replaced the tires with Michellin MXV4 tires and still the same problem dont know what to do.
  9. Dude nobody knows why we are getting pedal vibrationg while driving
  10. Here you go make sure u buy two of them, its number 13 in the picture just add two to your cart and enjoy thumpless riding;catalogid=1
  11. rear stablizer bushings, thats ur problem, replace them and the noise will go away
  12. Yeah I have been feeling the engine groans and noise on my gas pedal and dont know where it is coming from and what is causing it.
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