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1995 Sc300 Tail Lights Interchangeable?

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I was told by a few people that the tail lights to my 1995 SC300 are interchangeable with the tailights on a 1995 Supra. Can this be so? If not, where can I find some different tail lights. Not too keen on the ones I have. Any input is, of course, most appreciated.


One of two teenagers driving a SC300 in Cedar Park

One of many driving a 5speed

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Not saying it's impossible, but I really doubt the Supra light will just screw into place of the SC lights.

Would look nice as hell though.

Anyone care to Photoshop?

Funniest thing I've seen is a civic with supra lights.

The lights were probably the fastest parts in the car. :D

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that's part of a Blitz kit. <_< It would be interesting if you did cut the holes and added the vents. I think the taillights look kind of interesting; I wouldn't do it, since it's not flush.

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