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  1. please delete thread. thanks.
  2. you would probably have better luch contacting emerald directly. her email is floating around. just look in her profile on all the lexus web sites such as this one. hope you find some info... i like their products too, but no prices is a bad way to sell things.
  3. oh yea... my sc300 is all stock except the clutch.
  4. i have hit about 142 on rt50 im Maryland. the power is there, but the wind resistance is too high. i have seen my speedometer hit 160 when i was stuck in the snow this past winter. i got really *BLEEP*ed and just redlined every gear. i cant remember the exact rpms at 160, but it was around the red line. and no, i didnt get it out withough a
  5. i need help finding a steering rack bushing. i can get the one on the passenger side from the dealer, but they wont sell me the one for the drivers side, where the rack connects to the frame, because it comes on the rack, and they want me to buy the whold thing. it turns out that my rack is fine, but i cant get the bushing i need anywhere, i tried parts stores, other dealers, toyota, and even junk yards. does anyone know if i can get an aftermarket bushing? or if anyone has one lying around that they are willing to give up that would work as well. thanks for all your help.
  6. i called brasndywine and they want $200, thats not bad. thanks for your help.
  7. thanks for the help, can you get me a price? thanks.
  8. any ideas where i can find a power steering rack and a power steering pump for a good price? any help is appreciated. thanks for all of your help finding a rear. you guys are great help. thanks again.
  9. :( I am in serious need of help. I'm trying to get a rear for my car because mine is broken. i think any sc300 5-speed rear will work, but i think the rear for the autop has a different ratio. A rear from a non turbo 5-speed supra may work as well. Please, if anyone can help i would appreciate it. I live in Maryland and the cheapest one i have found is at a junkyard and they want $750. My local dealer is asking $3700 list. Any help would be appreciated. I know some of you have swapped your rear with the supra LSD. Thanks again. Anything to help is appreciated. :(
  10. does anyone know where i can get a good price one the jic magic 505ti titanium cat back for my 93 SC300? the cheapest i found was a little over $1000, from supra store. any suggestions? thanks.
  11. yeah, i know it fits because i have a black one. it has the chrome trim around the top and it looks great. it looked even better before i broke my ebay short shifter, but its still ok with the stock shifter.
  12. what about the display screen from a soarer? does anyone know if that is possible to put in a US SC?
  13. "Junk Yards are not my specialty, since it's kind of hard for me to find a close to wrecked SC300 near me" you should call brandywine. its near dc. i live in annappolis and take 50/301 towards dc and when 301 south splits off i follow it and its hard to miss this place. they have almost anything you might need. the number is 301-627-4265. good luck. ;)
  14. welcome. comming from my experience, i would go with an SC. i have a 93 5-speed and i got it a year ago when I was only 17. i found it on ebay, and only paid $7,000. yeah it had 132,000 miles on it, but like you said, they last for ever. the car is in pretty good shape, the leather only has a few flaws, and there is only one small dent in the door. they are hard to find with a 5-speed, but its worth the wait. also, if you have patience, and get to know the right people, you can get lucky and get a good deal on either a bolt on turbo kit, of a slightly used supra tt engine (2jz-gte). do
  15. good to hear that your ok, but lets have a moment of silence for our fallen SC................. :( are you planning on getting another SC, or something else?
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