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Car Cover Damage

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I recently bought a LS 400 Black. I am trying to keep it looking new. I washed it, cleaned the paint, polished it and waxed it. I bought a car cover from Autochic. I put it on and it rained (they told me it was OK in the rain). The next morning there was some marks all over the paint and windows. I have tried clay and paint cleaner and scratch remover. Nothing has taken them off. Does anybody have any ideas? I am now thinkg about suing the company for a new paint job. Thank you.

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i am not sire why it would scratch it

i have a cover and i used it or years

it is a blue one that is breathable made of some 3m material

i have found the car has to be clean before using the cover

or it will scratch the finish

as the cover rubs the dirt against the paint

also remeber to always use the same side down

as this keeps one side more dirty than the other

can you explain more on what the scratches are like?

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My bet is the waterproofing agent in the cover bled through staining the paint. What kind of paint cleaner have you tried to use?

How much was the cover, what type of material is it etc?

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I used Meguires.

The cover was $130.00. Here is the blurb from the website- "ALL-WEATHER – Three layer lightweight protection for severe weather conditions.

Lightweight and breathable, yet extremely durable.

Polyester construction with UV protected outer shell to resist sunlight and moisture.

Smooth inner shell resists dirt and is easy on paintwork.

Quick drying … will not rot or mildew.

Custom and standard sizes available.

Machine washable … fits most home washers. "

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The deep crystal paint cleaner? That is probably just not strong enough.

Try and get your hands on something like Meguars Mirror Glaze Swirl Remover 2.0 #9, or Meguiars ScratchX and see what that removes. Those products are abrasive and they'll have a better shot at removing the staining.

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I did try the scratchX already but I will try again. I think you were right about the cover. I felt the underside and it had what appeared to be a white film.

I really think it is the cover because the marks are also on the windows and sunroof. They are very hard to get off the glass as well.

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now i know what it is

basically the car was dirty

then it rained

with it on the car

the newmaterial bled and mixed witht he dirt

then the sun baked it on

this is my guess

but it should come off pretty easy

i had that problem too when covering my car the first couple of times

once you said the windows

i rememberd the pain in the !Removed! it was to remove it sometimes

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