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This Can't Be Normal...

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IS 350. Okay, this happended to me twice. I was maybe going only 55 - 65 mph, when I stepped on the brake, I noticed, the rpm move up for like a couple of second and I felt acceleration. I was like the f. No, the floor mat is not stuck and my feet didn't step on both the brake and gas peddle. Should I call Lexus?

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one thing i think is off about the tranny - when letting off the accelerator the rpm drops some, say 1000 - 1,500 rpm. then it quickly jumps back up a hundred or two hundred. then stays there. any idea why this happends.

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It's downshifting. Put the display in the mode that shows the gear it's in and watch that. When the revs go up you'll see that the trans has downshifted by one gear. Leave you foot off the brake and you should be able to feel the extra deceleration.

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