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Anyone Running Nos On There V8

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G'day guys I have been looking into running NOS on my V8 Soarer however I haven't been able to find anyone down here who is running it, a couple of places have said that'd be cool but that is as far as I have been able to go.

I am mainly just after some information like how big a shot you are using, how long the bottle will last ballpark, what sort of power figures you are now running and if you have put it down the 1/4mile.

Also anyphoto's that you may have of where your bottle is and what your engine bay also looks like with the wet system.

Thank you very much :)

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I have not used it on my SC400, but I had 3 years a 300HP shot on my V-10 Viper. My TQ went up from 460 to close to 800...

Just start slowly (50HP shot) and add small increments to be sure your A/F will not be screwed up.

NX Express manufactures a good system. Just make sure you will run the A/F ration when dynoing it. If not, you'll have catsize holes on pistons if you run a big shot. You may want to considering adding propane into the mix... I never liked the propane idea in the trunk (especially since I was running 2x10lbs tanks already.) It does small miracles though...


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