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  1. Thanks guys, I noticed he is running a DRY shot is he crazy :S
  2. Oh also any list of mods will be good as well :) I'm going ahead with this it's just I'd like to know if anyone else has done it can't find any information on the Aus forums and I've seen a couple of members who have it listed.
  3. I have had a similar problem with mine, sent the ecu away to be looked at and come back with a small list, no exact details yet but this was a list Ignition Problem Air flow sensor readings Transmission sensor Speed Sender Injector staying open So that was one of the problems car is still in the workshop waiting on the extractors to come and be fitted before I get it back. Good luck Oh I've had a coil go it will run on 4 cylinders if it's the 8, basically a subaru wrx sound and no balls so goes about as good as one does
  4. G'day guys I have been looking into running NOS on my V8 Soarer however I haven't been able to find anyone down here who is running it, a couple of places have said that'd be cool but that is as far as I have been able to go. I am mainly just after some information like how big a shot you are using, how long the bottle will last ballpark, what sort of power figures you are now running and if you have put it down the 1/4mile. Also anyphoto's that you may have of where your bottle is and what your engine bay also looks like with the wet system. Thank you very much :)
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