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  1. I have not used it on my SC400, but I had 3 years a 300HP shot on my V-10 Viper. My TQ went up from 460 to close to 800... Just start slowly (50HP shot) and add small increments to be sure your A/F will not be screwed up. NX Express manufactures a good system. Just make sure you will run the A/F ration when dynoing it. If not, you'll have catsize holes on pistons if you run a big shot. You may want to considering adding propane into the mix... I never liked the propane idea in the trunk (especially since I was running 2x10lbs tanks already.) It does small miracles though...
  2. Since my SC400 has a cracked/worn driver seat I would like to do some updating instead of just covering it with standard tan. Has anyone done a 2-tone interior? My car is black with light tan interior. I'm thinking of black leather seats with light tan suede pads and tan stiching. Would anyone have pictures of 2-tone seats or other custom interiors. (No orange ostrich seats please.... :D ) Thanks!!
  3. Just an update.... I got the car back with "blended" doors. Being as picky as I am, I was unable to see the difference anymore. That's good news. Now I can proceed with the next task clearing the #71 code that just popped up, looks like its time for a new EGR valve. Maybe even new black leather seats with tan accents..... I'm thinking of using the same guy who made my Viper seats in black/red stiching (used to be UGLY grey). Maybe black leather with my Lex too. Thanks for the help!
  4. You may be right on this one. Not just sure if it's worth it, being a -94... I'll get the car back at the end of the week, lets see how it comes out.
  5. Oh well. now they are now going to try to paint mix into the doors... Lets see what comes out of this one. In case this goes south, I'm looking at a nice flame job int the fenders or a 2 tone car.... :cries:
  6. Someone backed on my front driverside fender and since the hood and facia had rock chips etc., I thought that best way to make the car look like new was to paint the hood, both fenders and front facia. My buddy, who has a paintshop did the work and when I picked up the car, I could not believe my eyes.. Front was "greyish", looked like it had haze all over it. After driving the car for few weeks the grey color really got under my nerves... So I decided to take it to a local paintshop. Yesterday I was supposed to pick up my SC and quess what? It's grey again.. Less grey, but still has the d
  7. Are you SURE it is the pump? Mine leaked from the hose. New hose and thats it. (Except that the alternator took a dump 2 months later....)
  8. Mine are RPM 505R's. You can find them on E-bay. 18x8 front and 18x9 in rear. 38mm front, 38mm rear. 235's in front and 265's in rear. According to seller, the 275's would fit rear, but lip must be rolled. I did not want to roll anything, so I went with 265 Falken 512's. Car needs to be lowered though, which looks like you did already. I ended up lowering the car 2" front and 1" back.
  9. Dont go thru what I did. Check your alternator (If its wet/soaked, replace it) or You'll be standed on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere... Like I did.
  10. 170 without top (Viper) and I had enough. Car is capable of more, but not my balls... Maybe 120 in Lexus?
  11. I quess this means that I'm stuck buying a new one from Lexus or used on E-bay? I'll start digging....
  12. Looks like the problems with my Nak. amp were related to disconnected drain tube (gas filler) and second time the amp got wet, it was dead. The daintube is now connected... One of the black "boxes" has a hole in it and circuit board seems to be lightly moisture damaged. The local car stereo shop told that they cannot get any parts for the Nak. amps, so they were not much of a help. Can anyone point me into a direction to either get it repaired or buy a new/used one? The unit is a Nakamishi 86280-24120 B324ULOA I tried the use the search, but did not find the answer. You can e-mail me dir
  13. Thanks, I like the idea of not cutting springs and getting Tein basics. Sounds like a great price too compared to the headackes with alternatives! What's your tire size and wheel offset? I'll check the clubLexus forum... Lauri
  14. HI! I'm new to the Lexus forum and would like to get some help... I just put Nokia Hakka RSi 205/60/16 winter tires on my original rims to get through the winter. I want to get some nice 18"-19" rims for next summer and lower the SC 400 about 1-2". I tried to find some old topics on this one, but came pretty much empty handed. Could you please post some 18" and 19" wheel pictures here and help my decision? Any advice how to lower the car? Cut the springs or get new springs? Where to buy and how much? My -94 is a daily driver. Thanks in advance, Lauri
  15. I had the same issue with my 1994 SC400. It eventually got worse, when I put the stereo on, it dimmed the headlights. I first thought it was a ground issue, but not... It was the positive battery terminal contact being corroded. Clean both battery terminals and cables and it will be gone.
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