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Ls 430


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My LS 430 has 20,000 miles and is driven normally with a balance between highway and city miles. Today my Lexes dealer replaced the brakes at a cost in excess of $600. I also have a SC 400 and the brakes last in excess of 100,000 miles. The dealer told me 20,000 miles is normal for an LS 430.

Is this normal wear or did I get taken by my Lexus dealer?

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It all depends on how you drive it. If you're heavy on the brakes, then they're going to go much more quickly. My dad doesnt even get 20k out of a set of brakes on his LS.

You also have to keep in mind that the LS is somewhat heavier than the SC, makes a difference too. $600 is reasonable for a brake job from Lexus though.

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:( Hi- I have a 2001 LS 430. When I brought the car in for 15,000 mile service the dealer replaced the pads with "updated pads" no charge to me. Now, I have 43,000 miles and at last service I was told I had 25% left on these brakes. I think we all should get more life out of the brakes- at least 50,000. I do mostly long distance driving and am retired.

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Welcome to the club!

All I can tell ya is, dont expect more life then that out of the brakes on a heavy car like the LS430. You're doing well sitting at the mileage you're at. The pads are designed to be smooth, not shed a lot of dust, and the car is heavy, equals short brake life.

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i got 2 sets of brake pads from the delaer for 68$ a set and it cost me 60$ to change them. i paid extra coz i wanted my rotors to be surfaced as well. so it came to 300$

twice cheaper! dont go the dealer!!!!

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I have to agree with our friend from Brooklyn. The brake pads are so easy to change on the Lexus that the dealer should be arrested for charging so much. I do differ in one respect, I never have my rotors turned unless I can feel they are warped or if they have become scored. Every time you turn the rotors when they don't need it, you are wearing out expensive rotors.

Believe it or not, you can change Lexus brake pads with the on-board tool kit.

Jack up car with Lexus jack (break loose lug nuts first)

Remove tire and put under frame (in case jack slips)

Loosen and remove the upper 14mm bolt.

Tip inner caliper out

Remove two springs and remove pads and shims (two on each side of pad).

Transfer remaining hardware (wear inicators)

Put it back together.

I posted a link to replacing the caliper, but you can see what the pads and hardware look like.

Buy ONLY Lexus replacement pads. Many aftermarket pads are junk. If you don't know the difference, best to stick with genuine parts. I paid $79 for pads at dealer but have since seen them listed on this board much cheaper.

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