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  1. The parking brake light comes on ocasionally on my 04 LS430 and did the same in my 01 LS430. I just hit the parking brake release gizmo and it goes away. It might do it 5-10 times per year.
  2. I am going to have mine painted the same color as the body. It doesn't look reeeally bad, but if it was painted you wouldn't notice it at all. It does look a bit out of place. I tried to have mine center mounted on the back trunk edge but the dealer told me the kit wouldn't support it, so I decided to take the camouflage route. My car is in storage right now, otherwise I would send you a pic, sorry.
  3. No problem with mine, just the luck of the draw I guess. I would be super angry if it did!
  4. I am looking for some new wheels for my SC430 as well. These seem not too bad... Dotn know how hard they would be to clean...
  5. I have same problem with mine but I only drive it 2k mi per year and it sits around alot. I have to boost it everytime I leave it for a couple of weeks unused....
  6. No matter who you believe, sooner or later Lexus will have to compete with Mercedes, BMW and Audi but I think they need a redesign to do it. Usually these things work best when a vehicle is designed from scratch with lots of ponies in mind. There are no doubt loads of considerations to do it properly and I dont beileve Lexus is the kind of company that would "shoe horn" something into the current model. Having said that, IS300 sales are very low when compared to its competitors mainly because (in my view) they are way too conservative in the HP department. They are going to have to spend way more money if they want to SERIOUSLY compete with the Germans in the "3 series" market. While most people buy a 325 or a 330, they dream of an M3. Lexus needs to (and will) launch performance products if they want to compete effectively. I will be first in line to buy one. The redesign due out probably next year is rumoured to have the LS V8 as an option...but it wouldnt surprise me that it is launched the year after to keep the excitement of the new model alive. My son just bought a new Audi S4 and these cars are really fun to drive. I made sure he test drove an IS300 (we had one 2 years ago) and he liked a lot of things about it, but in the end result he just had to have the performance. So... lets go Lexus!
  7. I talked with my dealer today. He said there will be a V8 300hp (approx) version with 6 speed and awd to compete with S4 and M3. Same engines as SC/LS. He is usually right. Should be sweet but lots more money.
  8. Thanks very much! That is exactly the info I needed.
  9. I have decided to go with an aftermarket wheel rather than a TRD wheel. Does anyone know how you go about disabling the tire pressure monitoring system? I am told that I cannot move the sensing devices from my existing wheels to an aftermarket wheel so I will have to disable the warning system.
  10. Check this out.... from NY Auto show.... :)
  11. I have had an 01 and now an 04 and I think it is definitely the best "all around" luxury sedan available today. I looked at the Audi A8, BMW 745, Mercedes 430/500 S class and the new Jag XJR. All had their strengths and weaknesses but OVERALL the LS430 is King! The Audi is the prettiest in my opinion, smooth lines, great wheels, but I had to wait 3 weeks to test drive one while they fixed the computer software in it. This turned me off....waaaaay off. It also felt a little sluggish when compared with other cars I drove. Ultimately it got knocked off my short list because it doesnt offer laser radar and I will never buy another highway cruiser without it. The BMW 745 handled well and there was adequate power but the controls were a joke. I also thought the interior was not to my liking...not nice enough in my opinion for the money. I like the exterior styling although it took me a while to come around. The deep dish wheels look great. I am also very concerned about BMWs reliability and warrantee coverage. My daughter has a 2001 BMW 330xi and it has had many problems. I could go on forever about it.... The S class was in my opinion the least desirable. The styling was just OK, it seemed somewhat outdated compared with the rest of the competition. The power was good and the seats comfortable. It was WAY more expensive when you bought the same level of performance and options compared to the Lexus (ultra model). It did however offer a Laser radar option. I really liked the Jaguar XJR (with turbo) . It was a blast to drive. Power, torque and Jag handling, it was amazing. The interior is very classy (in that typically British way) and it came with lots of options including the laser radar! I absolutely love that metallic racing green color and turbine wheels. If I didnt already have a sports car(s) in the stable i might have gone with the Jag. Ultimately the LS 430 was an easy choice...because it does EVERYTHING extremely well. It wasnt the prettiest, it wasn't the fastest, it didn't handle the sportiest and it certainly wan't the most expensive. It was the most thoughtfully concieved, best executed, uncompromising vehicle of the bunch. Have to buddy needs a lift to his Mercedes dealerhip to pick up his S class... Oh yeah, didn't consider a looks ugly!
  12. I am planning on buying a new set of Foose LUSSO wheels for my SC430. I think I will stay with 18 inch wheels as I like the ride right where it is. I know the existing wheels are 18" X 8" with a 114.3 PCD and 5 bolts. When I went to the Foose site and entered my vehicle and model number in the configuator, I got back the following list of options: Follow this link to see the is the first "star shaped" wheel on the Mercedes (top of page). Application Guide for 2002 Lexus SC430 FOOSE LUSSO Part Number Size PCD Offset Finish Details F11228565P0A 20x8.5 5x114.3 34 Chrome F11228566P0A 20x8.5 5x114.3 13 Chrome F11228567P0A 20x8.5 5x114.3 45 Chrome F11297565P0A 19x7.5 5x114.3 30 Chrome F11297567P0A 19x7.5 5x114.3 45 Chrome F11298565P0A 19x8.5 5x114.3 34 Chrome F11298567P0A 19x8.5 5x114.3 45 Chrome F11287565P0A 18x7.5 5x114.3 45 Chrome F11288565P0A 18x8.5 5x114.3 34 Chrome F11288567P0A 18x8.5 5x114.3 45 Chrome Which of these options will fit my tires best? Anyone know what the offset is on my OEM wheels? Do you think these will look nice on the vehicle? Any other recommendations? Time to spend some money and spruce up the SC. By the way, car color is silver.
  13. This doesn't make any sense to me. The LS430 has probably the most comfortable seats in the industry. Try changing the position of the bottom cushion to better suit your needs. The bottom cushion of your drivers seat moves forward and back to meet the needs of drivers with shorter or longer legs. If this doesn't help, see your dealer. You shouldn't be uncomfortable in these seats. To me it is a major selling point. Auto journalists rave about how LS430 seats seem to fit every driver properly.
  14. Its not Kms..I just noticed the temp settings and outide temp redaing is NOT in Metric...