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Stereo Install Project And Speaker Box Depth Info


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I've done the research by taking the door panels off and measuring the mounting depth for the front and rear door speaker enclosures. They are right at two(2) inches of depth for each box. The front door boxes can be modified to accept 5.25” diameter speakers. Using a spacer ring will give the speaker support and extra depth needed, but no more than 0.5” in order to get the door panel back on correctly. The rear door speaker boxes CANNOT be modified for depth nor diameter. They are shaped in a way where the top of the box edge wraps around the speaker for a good 280-300 degrees. So, I’ve made speaker choices and will put two-way separates in the doors, with the rear tweeter mounted on the door panel, below the armrest, towards the front. I will paint the grill and mount to match the leather.

Here they are:

Front Speakers: DLS UP5 http://www.dls.se/pdf/specup5.pdf under the Ultimate Series 2/3way systems

Rear Speakers DLS PS4 http://www.dls.se/english/index.htm under the Reference Series 2/3way systems

The rest of the system is as follows:

Head Unit:

Alpine CDA-9857



Eclipse CD7100


Full Range Amplifier:

Alpine PDX-4.150



JL Audio 300/4


Subwoofer Amplifier: For one single 10” sub mounted in a sealed enclosure under the rear deck where the stock 8” woofer is. http://www.woofersetc.com/index.cfm?fuseac...product_id=4455 .

JL Audio 250/1



JL Audio 500/1



Memphis Car Audio 16MCD500


Signal Control Equalizer:

Audio Control EQS Six Channel Trunk Mount


I will sound insulate EVERYWHERE with Dynamat Xtreme. The whole trunk, gas tank, trunk lid, rear deck, doors outer and inner skin will be covered.

The system will look completely stock , except for the deck, from inside and out and I will not be loosing any usable storage space in the trunk. Should be fun. I ‘m doing the install myselfas I don’t want any monkeys !Removed! something up :chairshot: . That job is for me. :cheers:



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You might encounter warranty issues with other products on their site also. This is from Zapco's website:

It has come to our attention again that companies known as Woofers etc. and acaraudio.com are selling Zapco products on the Internet.

We emphatically say Woofers etc. and acaraudio.com are not authorized Zapco dealers.

Also, we don't know exactly how it's happening but amplifiers bought from the two companies and sent to us for repair have lost their original Zapco serial numbers, even the serial numbers we carefully hide inside each unit.

This removal or defacement of the official Zapco serial number voids Zapco's product warranty completely and borders on legally questionable action.

We once again warn all of you out there to make absolutely certain you are buying a fully warrantable Zapco product by asking to see the original ARPA of America Warranty Registration Card originally shipped with the unit (a serial number is always affixed to this card) or ask for the actual serial number and call us to verify its authenticity.

Tampered products hurt you and damage the reputation you've come to expect from Zapco products.

Beware and check for an original Zapco serial number every time you buy Zapco.

A World Wide Problem

Yes they are everywhere making claims. For example, www.caraudiosa in South Africa is not a Zapco distributor, and they are not a Zapco dealer.

The pictures on their web site were stolen directly from our 2002 catalog. Most of the products on the site are at least 3 model years old.

Remember, if you buy our product from this type of company you will not receive any support from Zapco or from our representative in your country.

If you have questions about finding our current products at a legitimate reseller, you can check our International Distributor list or mail us at sales@zapco.com

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