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Finally A Video Of My Run At The Strip!

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Just got the teaser video from my buddy. Here is our SuperCarsChicago club outting to Great Lakes dragway. Awesome vid!!!!!!!

Plus, my 12.6 run was the only full run they showed on this video. So I now have proof of my time

You can see it at around the 1:30 minute mark.

Anyways, enjoy everyone. We have TONS of footage, and are putting a DVD together.




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OK. Stock TT motor? You running fcd and bcd? How'd ya hit 12? I'm going to have to get out to the track soon. The boost controller has been acting funny though ever since I got back. I hope my gate is not getting hoaky.

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Actually it's not stock :) nor stock boost on the TT motor.

I've dyno'ed 430rwhp 440rwtq at 18psi on 100 octane.

Mods are

GTE motor swap

walbro 255lph fuel pump

full -6an line to the end of the fuel rail (ie. FPD Bypass)

Blitz boost controller

Greddy BCC

K&N filter

ADFX fmic

By the way, my 6spd is being delivered to my house next Wed. Yippee :D

Hope you get that bc issue resolved soon AJ. Then get that thing to the track!

Thanks for the compliments guys. SC400Sundevil, yes it was the white SC.

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If it is the wastegate, you can have it rebuilt. I had my Turbonetics Racegate rebuilt once, and spring changed once. What kind of boos controller are you running. Any MBC will spike boost, but if your running and EBC it shouldn’t be an issue. You might want to check your hoses running off the wastgate to make sure none are cracked or damaged.



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Well Helder, what ride is that? Looks good there. My turbo is internall gated so it is a little more involved unfortunately. That will change in the future but for now <_< you know. The boost controller is an ebc. Made by DEB?? or something like that. Looks a lot like an HKS unit but never seen one like it before. You're right though. I need to check out all the connections and lines before anything else. Now I need to find the time. :angry:

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Yep, spare time is come by. The engine in the photo belongs to a one year limited production 1988 Mazda 323GT. I’ve had about six of them, 2wd GT and AWD GTX turbos. 1.6 16 valve DOHC Turbo, AKA Familia in Japan. It’s the car that Rod Millen used to win his first Pikes Peek event after being unsuccessful for many years with the RX-7. It was a bad little ride that yielded 327hp to the front wheels @ 18psi and put down 12.82 partially tuned on 14” M/T slick and running to rich as hell. I had about 20k in that dam car, but loved every penny of it.



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Haha. Now thats what I call a sleeper.

Some people misunderstand the whole point of a sleeper car.

They think that painting it black and making the exaust not-so-obnoxious, makes their car a sleeper.

But then they slap on a bunch of NOS and Powered by Honda stickers and then you find out that the car has no mods excet some NOS octane booster in the tank.

Gotta give you props on your sleepers.

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Thanks jzz30.

They are

18x9 +37mm offset 255/35/18

18x10 +44mm offset 285/30/18

The front offset helps give it a much more aggresive look :)

I've also got supra brakes all around, and clearance is perfect. In fact, the offset is based off typical supra aftermarket offsets.



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Those wheels look REALLLLLY nice. Where did you get them and how many arms and legs did it cost you? (w/ tires). Those sleepers are crazy! :ph34r: 327 w/ or w/o NOS? I didnt see any but I was just curios. You guys are crazy w/ your turbo chargers! How reliable is your car once you charge her up? I heard they break all the time and are very unreliable. Just wondering, Thanks.

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Infact too much of a sleeper, nobody ever messed with me :)

Maybe to the untrained eye.

To me, any SC with a single exhaust exit looks a bit suspicious.

Nice car though.

BTW...making a turbo car unreliabe is much easier than making it reliable.

Did someone say "triple the atmospheric pressure"? :P

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