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  1. Good first time out AWJ, now get back there and work on those 60fts when you get your bfg's :) Also remember that our turbo cars pick up a lot of MPH after the 1/8th mile mark ;) Chris
  2. Depending how much horsepower you are want will help determine if you need the 6spd. At at around 430rwhp my 5spd held up just fine for awhile. When I did the rest of my mods I went with the 6spd to handle the power. I did in fact have to pound out the tranny tunnel on my 93, not sure on the 95+'s Chris
  3. here you go Jon. christhreadgill@ameritech.net When is the bon fire ceremony going to be to burn the E-manage unit :D
  4. Thanks Jon!! Did you get your car back yet?? I've probably seen it more than you have over the last few months ;) I had a quick favor to ask of you as well. Can you send me any pics of your stereo setup on the car? I'm in the market and wanted to see how to take care of the fact our head units are larger than a double din. Thanks brotha! Chris
  5. AWJ, my SP71 has been treating me VERY nicely ;) The car feels really strong and since swapping out my smaller .68 a/r housing to the larger .81 the top end pulls even harder! Make sure you let me know when you're in town. We can definitely meet up. As for Chris, he has in fact got his swap all done and seems to be driving his car all the time :) enjoying boost. There are now some pretty crazy SC's in Chicago :D Chris
  6. awj...soundperformance has a supra that's does flat 7.............................. and not just you, but a lot of us underestimate the STi....honestly....i'll bet on an STi and the RX-7 motor ANY day over the 2jz.......first off...the 2jz is a fat *BLEEP*......it weighs as much as my v-8......... yes....rx-7, 1.3 rotor...but do you know the weight on those things?? and the STi is a 4cylinder...again very light.......... yes...an STi is rally....but those things grip the floor a *BLEEP* load better than a RWD...especially with LSD on all 4 wheels.... ANYWAYS, rally cars should not be frowned upon to start with.... remember its not just all about horses....its the power to weight that counts.... SP's car is still in the 9's.
  7. A TT 6spd Supra only requires dp, exhaust, and EBC to run 12's. bean, most of the quicker mkiv's on stock twins run TTC. I can think of one mkiv that runs a 10.9 on stock twins and spray...low 11's on stock twins with no juice has been done several times. These coupes are over 3600 lbs, have a weaker trans, and no LSD. Lots of labour and cash are needed, a couple of you make it sound like it's cake. SW's car holds the record for quickest street SC300, whereas the quickest NA-T street SC300 was the Toyomoto car AWJ mentioned, that record was set about four years ago and still hasn't been broken, so it's not an everyday occurence. I'm going after that 10.60 run ;) So far the first time out this year I've hit a 11.1@130mp with a 1.8 60ft. This was done on BFG drag radials, so once I get a bit more practice in and try to get my 60fts down, I'll hope to be in the mid 10's. I'll keep you posted btw, here is my 11.1 run http://rise.gamester.net/ct11.1.wmv Chris
  8. I have a 93' 5 speed rear diff out of my car if your interested. Make me an offer you think is fair. You can contact me at chris.threadgill@businessobjects.com
  9. Sadistic, the a/r is .68 Jon, I'm about 30 minutes out from the the McCormick Place. You're more than welcome to ring me up next time your in town.
  10. AWJ it is in fact the whistler, the 71 automatically comes with the anti surge compressor housing :) You are absolutely welcome to check it out in person when you here in town. Just let me know. I'm hoping for 700+rwhp on stock cams. Those will be next winter mods, cams and intake ;)
  11. Hey everyone, Just wanted to post up a few update pics of my winter mods I'm working on. I'll be installing my SP71gtq turbo kit, sp fuel system, AEM, and FJO. The car should be a monster come spring :) I'm almost finshed buttoning up the 6spd tranny install as well. I'll click more photos as I make progress. Chris
  12. Thanks jzz30. They are 18x9 +37mm offset 255/35/18 18x10 +44mm offset 285/30/18 The front offset helps give it a much more aggresive look :) I've also got supra brakes all around, and clearance is perfect. In fact, the offset is based off typical supra aftermarket offsets. Chris SC300TT
  13. I too had more of a sleeper before I put my new volks on. Infact too much of a sleeper, nobody ever messed with me :) Now I'm baiting in a few more unsuspecting victims :D http://us.lexusownersclub.com/albums/SC/DS...N1162.sized.jpg http://us.lexusownersclub.com/albums/SC/DS...N1155.sized.jpg Chris
  14. AJ, Actually it's not stock :) nor stock boost on the TT motor. I've dyno'ed 430rwhp 440rwtq at 18psi on 100 octane. Mods are GTE motor swap walbro 255lph fuel pump full -6an line to the end of the fuel rail (ie. FPD Bypass) Blitz boost controller Greddy BCC K&N filter ADFX fmic By the way, my 6spd is being delivered to my house next Wed. Yippee :D Hope you get that bc issue resolved soon AJ. Then get that thing to the track! Thanks for the compliments guys. SC400Sundevil, yes it was the white SC.
  15. Just got the teaser video from my buddy. Here is our SuperCarsChicago club outting to Great Lakes dragway. Awesome vid!!!!!!! Plus, my 12.6 run was the only full run they showed on this video. So I now have proof of my time You can see it at around the 1:30 minute mark. Anyways, enjoy everyone. We have TONS of footage, and are putting a DVD together. http://www.myprivateoasis.com/vettec5/misc...c/tracktime.wmv Chris SC300TT
  16. Like AWJ said, Sound Performance in Bloomingdale (close enough ;) ) Talk to Larry, or stop by. Warning, if you stop by you may leave with an empty wallet :) Chris SC300TT
  17. Thanks for the plug AWJ :D Underpressure, you're more than welcome to ask me questions relating the swap as well as anyone else from the forum. I have a pretty extensive background with the 2jzgte motor, as I'm an ex mkiv supra owner. Myself and my good friend built both of our supra's. My car having T78, fuel, etc.. His having a T88, 272 cams, AEM, FJO, etc.. I will say this helped me greatly with the swap. However, it is a pretty straight forward process. I will say that you're going to need a ton of patience, this is not something you want to rush. I finished mine in about 8 weeks or so, working on it one or two days per week. Although, I would add another week of sitting at my kitchen table with the supra wiring harness, rewiring the lexus cluster/combination connectors to the supra harness ;) I did end up buying Phil's manual for the wiring alone, and it was very helpful, infact I've even helped Phil correct some things in it, adding to it's value, maybe I should ask for a refund ;) jk. I do recommend his manual if you're serious about this project. I picked up a us spec motor that was missing a few items, motor mounts and brackets, resistor, ignitor, noise surpressor. There were quiet a few other things I had to do in order to get it working properly. MSD tach adapter, which I discovered on my own. This converts the rpm signal so that your tach reads properly, you're going from a distributed to a coil pack setup, therefor, it is a magnetic pickup. The tach adapter works perfectly! I won't go into anymore detail, but if you have any questions, I will try and help out. Also, on the tranny question. I'm currently using the stock 5spd and it seems to be handling the power ok. Then again, I haven't takin it to the strip :D yet. I'll probably be doing the 6spd later this year. I have a 93 and will most likely have to pound out the tranny tunnel to accomadate the larger trans, as well as possible cut a bit where the shifter is, it looks to sit a few inches further back then that w58 (5spd). I have some pics in the gallary, go check them out. Chris SC300 TT
  18. She's mostly done. I have to adjust the heigth on the fmic, it's a bit low right now. I also have to break in the clutch. As soon as it's all broken in, I'm hitting the dyno I'll post sheets when it happens :) Chris
  19. It's not THAT easy ;) With some patience and the right parts, you can definitely swap in a TT motor.
  20. AWESOME! Thank you for the space AWJ:) I'm uploading a few pics now :D Chris
  21. Thanks for the welcome AJ! Yes, I'm doing the motor swap. I had gone back and forth many times on NA-T or motor, NA-T or motor. I finally looked at my what I really wanted to accomplish, big numbers was my answer :) Anyways, I want details, details, details, my friend. I thought your car was totaled a little while back? Sorry if you've posted your new project. Anytime your in Chicago, look me up! Chris
  22. Looking good! Here is a pic of mine :) Chris edit:image code not working
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