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does anyone have any exploded views or diagrams for the front brakes? i took the wheels off today to check the brakes because they squeak really bad. the brake pads and the rotors still look good. any ideas as to why they squeak so bad and what i can do about it? thanks, Mike

Mike I have a similar problem and since the breaking is good and they were replaced shortly before I bought the car, I would lay the blame on either the metal silencers or lack of sound deadening grease/lubricant. I haven't worked on it yet, so I'm not sure. You can pick up the lubricant at any auto parts store, just make sure you put it on the BACK of the pads where they contact the caliper, and not on the rotor side :)

There is also the possibility someone put inferior pads on your car before you bought it. I would check the pads, make sure the calipers move freely.

Just some thoughts, hope it helps.

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