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  1. Hi Dave, did you find that rattle noise at 3000rpm, i believe i have the same problem, thanks

  2. Thanks for the info. I don't think I would ever go more than 300-350 HP. If I do invest in a new block or internals, I want it to be strong enough to handle FI dependably. Its an auto. I figure I would invest around 2-3k for now. I really want a dependable car and I'm partial to the IS. Sure I could trade/sell it, but I like the car. I have no doubt that I could do a full swap if the new block has the same engine mount configuration etc, etc..I could also go for a low mileage used engine. I have a thing about overkill, that's why I suggested the 2JZ-GTE internals or the NA Supra 2JZ-GE intern
  3. Well, I guess it may come to this, but it hasn't yet. I believe I have some mechanical issues (rod bearing) that will eventually require the rebuild or shortblock replacement in my is300. The car only has 83k miles but apparently the previous owner never changed the oil. I intend to wait until I have a complete diag run on the noise before overhauling anything, but I would appreciate the opinions of you guys who are more knowledgable than me. I have mechanical experience, no formal training. I have done things like order slightly oversized bearings, rings, etc for old Pontiacs. I have remove
  4. It makes the noise going up in revs while crossing 3k, it is very very faint afterwards if it exists at all. But at exactly 3k it is audible and very noticable (after driving it w/out the noise). It does not make the noise in neutral passing 3k. Not trying to hijack the thread but it sounds like we have the same noise... Edit: Just adding that I put shifting in there bcs the car generally shifts at 3k when I'm driving through my neighborhood. If I use the paddles, I can hear the noise at higher rpm's under load but much more faintly. Also, It happens at 3k, not before, not ever.
  5. I also have the 3k shift noise issue. Mine sounds like a cross bettween a gurgle and a rattle, but it isn't the common coolant gurgle issue. It sounds a lot like a bad throwout bearing, but it is an auto. I took it to Toyota and they couldn't find anything. The sound is definatly there, but only under load and in gear. Kinda like a thbbbbbttt!!! right at 3k rpm.
  6. Go get a can of electronics cleaner at Auto Zone or whatever store you prefer and clean the MAF sensor. There a numerous posts on how to do this, should take you about 10 minutes. It cured my hesitation. Turn off traction control for the best launch. It is VERY invasive :)
  7. I hope this helps those with the air in the lines. Unfortunatley that isn't the problem I am having, though I will of course double check... I have taken mine to Toyota and they can't find it. They don't really understand how the car "should" sound. Basically mine makes the noise at 3k rpm and it is very obvious to someone who has been in an IS that doesn't do this. All the time always, but only under load, and it starts at 3k and tapers of after that. It is most prevalent at shift points. I have had cars with bubbles in the coolant lines and this isn't the noise :( Toyota suggested it mi
  8. I don't know how to describe it other than a kind of noise similar to a throwout bearing, but my car is an auto...any ideas anyone? Kind-of a muffled tututututut or in a comic book language "thbbbbbbttttt". It doesn't increase in frequency w/ speed or RMP, just kicks in at exactly 3k and quietens down through higher revs. It will not do it in neutral. Car runs great, but the noise drives me a little crazy. I will eventually take it to Toyota but I've been trying to avoid it. Thanks in advance for any input.
  9. Mike I have a similar problem and since the breaking is good and they were replaced shortly before I bought the car, I would lay the blame on either the metal silencers or lack of sound deadening grease/lubricant. I haven't worked on it yet, so I'm not sure. You can pick up the lubricant at any auto parts store, just make sure you put it on the BACK of the pads where they contact the caliper, and not on the rotor side :) There is also the possibility someone put inferior pads on your car before you bought it. I would check the pads, make sure the calipers move freely. Just some thoughts, ho
  10. This is approximate: HP = 218 0-60 manual 6.5-7.0 seconds 0-60 auto 7.5 seconds Top speed - 143mph MPG: 20-24 IS versus WRX is asked a lot.. I'll give you my .02 cents since I just went through the same comparison and ended up with an IS. First of all, there is no comparison. The cars are absolutely and completely different from the ground up. So I'll say in advance it really depends on what you want. I drove an '07 and '04 WRK, and while impressed with the performance, it was not quite what I expected. The car suffers from turbo lag so don't expect to feel it kick in until about 35
  11. B)--> QUOTE(dave.b @ Nov 22 2006, 02:09 AM) ← Does anyone know if the dark chrome tail lights were standard on the 02 GGP? Mine is not sport/lsd...just wondering because I see some people adding these as a mod. No luck with the search on this topic :( Thanks in advance! Dave D'OH! ...should prob not post in the middle of the night...I am guessing this is just an option (the lights) so I am probably talking to myself at this point. If anyone else wants to chime in, welcome to the conversation :)
  12. Does anyone know if the dark chrome tail lights were standard on the 02 GGP? Mine is not sport/lsd...just wondering because I see some people adding these as a mod. No luck with the search on this topic :( Thanks in advance! Dave
  13. I saw one, can't remember what website....cardomain I think. Its horrible, please don't do it. IS300 != Civic :)
  14. I just thought I would post this since mpg seems to be a popular topic and search. I recently changed the oil in my is300 from Valvoline the Toyota dealer put in it to Mobile 1 synthetic. In doing this I went from an average of 24mpg to 25mpg combined driving. I would be interested to know if anyone has mpg gains to report after changing the catback exhaust. Dave
  15. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give it a whirl. I honestly don't think its anything serious. The car runs and drives like a dream :) If I come up with a solution, I'll post back here.
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