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Crank Walk Myth


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I was thinking about replacing my stock fly with a lightweight flywheel and new clutch, but I also was thinking about the Unorthodox pulley kit for the 300. My friend said that if I do both of those upgrades not to replace the crank pulley becuase doing that and using a lightweight flywheel causes the GE, and the GTE to crank walk. Is this a myth or is this true, and why? Kinda wanna know before I find out the hard way.

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Your friend is right. Either you replace your pulleys or flywheel...not both. Your crank is a balanced bottom end. Reducing weight on both ends would throw off the factory balance terribly. Yes, match revving would be quicker but the con's far out weigh the pro's...unless your car is seeing auto-x.

Honestly, for a daily driven car....a lightweight fly is a !Removed! to drive. Ask me how I know (gear lash). I'd save that money and invest in something that you'll really feel/enjoy.

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Haha. That motor has some potential!! Let me guide you to become a boost junky!.

I bet your wife/gf/bf is rolling eye's right now huh? Probably like damn, is it me or that stupid car. "Does she keep you warm". Ask me how I know. Yes, she keeps me warm.....everytime she squeals bcuz I put my foot down (gas pedal). Hahahha.

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Thankyou all for the info, yes this motor is a beast 150k and never an engine problem ever!! PS

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! my car is now 10 years old, and the SC still looks better than many cars out there, folks we are so fortunate

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