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  1. VIN: JT8CD32Z8V0039519 Milage is 162000 Asking: $8000 This is a very rare 1997 Lexus Sc300 5 speed. It is a beautiful red with all black interior. Don't let the high milage fool you. I babied this car. I use mobile 1 synthetic and lucas synthetic oil stabalizer every 2700 miles. Every part of the cooling system has been replaced, as well as the Ac System, Timing belt, tensioner, front and rear seals, clutch, brakes. alternator, starter, belts, battery, very nice Faulken Z rated tires with tons of life left in them. All of those pars were replaced in the last 2 years.This car featu
  2. Hey folks I feel it is my duty to warn everyone about a gentleman who wants to buy your items only to steal your bank account info!!! He claimed to be David McKown he will not contact you by any means except email, wants to buy your items and have them "picked up" he will ask for your bank acount and routing is a scam dont fall for it!! I'm sure he will change his name. So just be careful!!!!!
  3. I have some extra parts i dont need anymore 12disc player minus the magazine(pick one up on ebay for $10) $70 Pioneer Amp $50 Stock 10'' Sub $20 and the AC Compressor Clutch $50 All working, have the amp and cd changer brackets if you need them, the changer has some minor scrapping from the old bracket but not noticable when its installed i want to mention it so ya know its there. make me an offer and ill ship it out, pm me, reply or email me....
  4. how old are the shocks???? need some badly!!
  5. didnt read the actual topic, sorry didnt mean to post here
  6. OK a back light to my ac control unit has gone out so i took it upon myself to replace them along with all the lights on my doors and the hazard light and ac and volume control lights. HOWEVER, i replaced them all with white LED's and they all blew....they can only take 2.5 volts instead of buying a resistor for every stinkin light, is there any other way I can do this?, anyone have any helpful hints? i will post the pics and all when this project is complete.
  7. My PS pressure hose is leaking bad and the only people that have it is Lexus and they want $320, FOR A HOSE!!! i tried the supra one but it is actually different, its not bent correctly, and is only $50. Instead of getting the hose rebuilt I would prefer it was new, anyone know where there is a normal price for this hose less than $150?? or do I need to empty my wallet? and does anyone know where to get a good rack and pinion seal kit?
  8. PLEASE do it yourself it is very easy. save the money for those beers. trying to remember how, i believe you have to take the top plastic piece off, and there are 6 hex screws, then you can take off the one blocking the pulley,there are 3 more hex screws, one is kinda deep in the plastic cover in the middle. then there are just 2 or 3 bolts holding to the engine, 12mm bolts i believe, its about $120 for the part, and takes maybe 10 minutes to take it off so dont give the mechanic the satisfaction and do it yourself! let me know if you have any questions
  9. Thankyou all for the info, yes this motor is a beast 150k and never an engine problem ever!! PS HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! my car is now 10 years old, and the SC still looks better than many cars out there, folks we are so fortunate
  10. I was thinking about replacing my stock fly with a lightweight flywheel and new clutch, but I also was thinking about the Unorthodox pulley kit for the 300. My friend said that if I do both of those upgrades not to replace the crank pulley becuase doing that and using a lightweight flywheel causes the GE, and the GTE to crank walk. Is this a myth or is this true, and why? Kinda wanna know before I find out the hard way.
  11. yeah a new fuel filter and a line flush and cleansing wouldnt hurt, new plugs arent expensive, and a flush at a local shop is about 60-90 bucks.
  12. Dear friend welcome to the world of Lexus. 1st Prob, the paint... I have a 97 sc300 and it started on the bumpers and now is on the hood and roof of my car, I think with that red the chipping is normal wear(as I have the same color). A bra will cover it up now but the rest of the paint will surely follow. 2nd prob, the leather in the back will split there, more worn items. sells awesome replacement seats for about 750, includes both buckets, the rear and the center console leather. The third problem again some normal weather wear, you can have the weather stripping put on
  13. OKOK, im just curious, but can you bleed the coolant system for the sc year 97? i thought it would work out the air itself since it is pressurized? i may be impatient but i didnt find any forum results on this topic. AND i get this loud whirring noise from the front of the engine cant tell where from though, and it just recently started. it sounds like its comming from the cams, dono why, no oil leaking there, or my PS pump. is this a noise usualy associated with a bad PS pump? thanks again to any info
  14. I am puzzled, my car when from a cold start cranks it will idle at about 1600-1800 rpms, then gradually goes down as the temp warms up. Assuming there are no vacumm leaks is it the IACV?? if so can i tinker with it to fix it becuase i do not want to spend the $400 on a new freakin one of those.
  15. well if they only replaced the clutch then yes that might be the same bearing you have had for god knows how long. So if you are getting the bearing replaced also have the rear seal on the engine and the tranny oil seal replaced, the parts are less than $5 each and take 10 min to do, it is worth the extra effort to replace those too!!!
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