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I'm Shocked...(car And Driver Article)

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Me and my LS460L just turned 2,500 miles, and I love it.

Have had several high end cars in the past including 5 or 6 Benzes up until 1997.

Lexus earned my business, by building a bullet proof luxury car and reputation year after year for more than the past 10 years. (As early Mercedes models had)

Mercedes lost my business because of the increase in problems I personally experienced with mine.

The LS460 came in last place, even Jaguar beat em out. I owned an XK8 and can tell you from experience the car was nothing but a problem from the begining.

How could Lexus come in last place? Shouldn't there be some weight put on reliability and customer satisfaction?

I'm Shocked...

Also, if the tires made that much of a difference in the cars handling, put on a more aggressive set to match the competitions rubber.

Any insite?

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