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Few General Location Questions?


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check out www.lexls.com for tutorials on your request. And if they help, give the ole' boy a $20 Christmas donation, as we use his site all the time around here for your model series. :cheers:

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Does a 93 ls400 with a 1uz-fe motor have 2 crank position sensors and 2 distributors? just a wondering...thanks

Happy to be of help :)

2 distributors, 2 camshaft position sensors, 1 crankshaft sensor (but no maids-a-milking) :lol:

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ok because i went to the website : http://www.lexls.com/tutorials/engine/timingbelt.html and on the 26th picture down...it say "disconnect the crank position sensors"...so i was just wondering if he made a mistake by saying sensors. and i am bringing my car to a garage tomorrow and told them that my crank sensor was faulty, and wasnt sure if i need to purchase one or two crank position sensors. thanks

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