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  1. I just wanted to know what size are the front and back door speakers for a 93 ls400? I checked at bestbuy and they said i'll need two 6 1/2 and two 5 1/4 speakers, then on it says they are 4 inch speakers. Also what size is the stock subwoofer in the back? Thanks in advance.
  2. the battery is about a year old. I know one of my battery connectors is not on the node i'm going to tighten it up and see how that works. thanks a lot for the info and suggestions.
  3. Ok i'll check the battery connection. I had the spark plugs replaced a few thousand miles i'm pretty sure the spark plugs are good. thanks for the advice. what else should i check besides the battery connection?
  4. Car info:(1993 ls400. approximately 167,000 miles). This has happened occasionally a few times. While i'm driving, all of a sudden my car dies, power steering goes out, audio turn off, check engine light turns on, and i have no power (acceleration or anything) i have to coast to a parking lot or pull over to the side of the road. When I pull over, i turn my car completely off, and then turn in back on and everything is normal again. I think it may be my computer, but I dont want to buy a new computer and have whatever in my car burn/mess up the new computer also and be back in the same pr
  5. I was wondering if ANYBODY could write out a quick tutorial of taking out the main headlight. I can take out the fog light part and the corner light, its just that i cant find all of the screws to take out the main one. Thanks
  6. Your welcome. just go to even though they dont have a picture up of the ecu's that they can fix...they can fix your model. There is a printout sheet on their website, just print it out and fill out the form stating your car info and problems. Just to make 1-888-ecm-to-go...and ask if they can fix your model ecu before you send it to them.
  7. Hey Walt, I was having for the longest time...major car hesitation upon pressing the gas just a LITTLE too much. I've done every diagnostics, and changed a crap load of stuff (throttle position sensor, sub throttle position sensor, fuel filter, spark plugs, distributor caps and rotors) none of that worked. I also had a code 41 AND a code 47...both having to do with the sub throttle position sensor and the tps. So eventually my mechanic spent numerous hours trying to find the route of my ecu was not sending a signal to the IDL I. So i sent my ecu to (base
  8. Chris: Temporarily remove the vacuum hose going into the front of your air chamber/intake manifold.............That'll answer yer question "right quick"!.............. I'm referring to the black hose in the upper right hand corner of the picture. Pull it straight off of the nipple it's a ttached to & see how long the car runs for.............. The skinny hose from coming from the lexus sign, and the other skinny hose that is coming from the air intake which come together (in the upper right) has a hard plastic nipple connecting the two at the end...where does that "nipple" con
  9. Ok here is my story...last night it was raining and lightning very heavy and when i get to my car today...i realize my stereo is playing as well as the clock led part is illuminated. The key wasn't in the ignition, nor was the car on. This is the first time it has ever happened. Does ANYbody know what may be the problem? It happened again today i thought that if i unplugged the negative terminal on the battery for a few minutes it would solve my problem...but when i connected it back on...the stereo and clock led was still illuminated without the car on or anything. Thanks
  10. does anybody know if the sub throttle position sensor is interchangeable with the throttle position sensor and vice versa. thanks
  11. I have another question. Since my stock ecu I sent to Houston, Tx had traction control and they said it was unfixable...if they by chance sent another repaired ecu that DIDNT have traction control...and i installed it in my car..would that possibly make my car hesitate? Thanks
  12. I have a 93 lexus ls400...does this car have two throttle position sensors? if not...what is the other sensor right next to the throttle position sensor and what does it do? thanks
  13. See I cant replace the old ecm because the shop i sent it to kept it...they said the components were too badly "burnt" and were they replaced it with another used fixed ecm. The mass airflow sensor/unit was changed because the old computer was putting a code down saying there was a malfunction with it. The car hesitation didnt do all of this before everything was changed...only until i replaced the old ecm, mass airflow sensor, crank sensor, fuel filter, spark plugs, did the hesitation start. I'm bringing the car to the lexus dealership tomorrow and hopefully they can fix it...i
  14. My check light is not on. when my car was at the shop: the fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs, crank sensor, and mass airflow sensor were replaced...or so they say...i havent checked my car to confirm it yet...but i'm pretty sure they changed them out. my car is not idling rough and the shop check the cat for blockage, which there wasnt. i havent replaced the spark plugs wire, distributor caps or rotors. im pretty sure the ignition coils are original. how can i determine if they are bad?
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