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91 Ls400 Overheating


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A few months back I bought a 2001 Miata which I started driving pretty much everyday (fun car btw). So I parked my 91 LS400 (~105k miles) to give it a rest. I usually drove it once/twice every other week to keep things flowing. A few days ago while sitting at a light I noticed my temp gauge was pegged all the way at the top. When I got home and checked under the hood some steam was coming out and I could see some dampness under the crank.

Today I had time to remove the bottom plastic dust/rock cover hoping it was just a hose leaking. But it appears the leaking is coming from a hole below the crank pulley. If I remember correctly, it was a weep hole for when the water pump seals went? I had some questions:

1.Does my problem appear to be the water pump?

2.Since my car had pretty low miles and even when I did drive it daily, it wasn't very far, I'm surprised the water pump went so soon, is this a common problem?

3.Having the car sit after using it daily, could this have caused any problems or was this failure a coincidence?

4.Anything else for me to check/consider?

Thanks in advance

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