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Somthing Terribly Wrong

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As of yesterday my car seems to be driving as though it is running out of gas, constently. Low rpms, like at an idle it starts getin all jumpy and puttin out a little bit. When i accelerate its on/off like its not getting enough gas, but power seems to be there. It also seems to get better as it warms up. Nothing was wrong with the car before, other than when i would first start it it would have way less power, and a less smooth idle, but only for the first few minutes of driving. (which is unerstandable, its 12yrs old) Check engine light is off.

I dont know what to think, im a newbie and basically dont know anything about mechanical work, i have very few ideas on what this could be

Any help or even just a comment would be greatly appreciated

Also im in the north county San Diego area, anyone know of a good place with someone whos worthy? im willing to go as far as i need to for someone legit to take a look and help me with other mods.

Thank you

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Check your spark plugs. Have you cleaned your engine compartment lately? The reason i ask is that, there is a channel that can hold water where your spark plugs go in, and if there is water in there it will cause it to misfire.

This happened to me once with my '96 sc400. It started misfiring and whatnot, but that gave me a check engine code. I was studdering as well when sitting at lights when it had this problems like it was going to die. Once I replaced the wires and caps, all was well. Even better after new plugs. After I did the wires and plugs I forgot to hook the intake back to the throttle body and it wouldn't even stay started then. Very low on power, so maybe check MAF? Just a shot, but I think it should throw a code too, but I don't remember.

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Hello--The wonderful fuel filter, under the drivers side door may be clogged and need replacing. I mention that first as there are other things that may be wrong, but no one, no one wants to replace the filter because it leaks fuel all over your hands and arms the whole time you or a mechanic at Lexus is working on it. So often it is left un changed. However, if it is clogged the engine does not get the fuel it needs to run correctly. I make a wine cork plug to put in the line from the tank so I can tidy up the connection. Do NOT strip the threads to the filter. In other words make sure the axis of the filter is in line with the axis of the steel lines coming from the tank and leading to the engine. The lines arre so complicated with bends and all that it is easy to say, well tightening them up will straighten the line out. NOT. If you have to, very carefully bend the line so the nut screws in evenly. All best to you. Lawrence.benz@att.net

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not to say the fuel filter isn't bad, but i can count on one hand the number of cars i have repaired because of a bad fuel filter in the last ten years. in a modern car it is extremely hard for something to make it all the way to the fuel filter to clog it.

in fact honda no longer recommends changing theirs.

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Thanks for the input

How much you think i should pay to have fuel filter replaced?

Today i bought new bosch platinum 2 spark plugs and a can of sea foam. Im just really really hopin everything will work out. BUT i looked at where the plugs are at... how am i going to get to those under there? also this is the first time ive changed spark plugs. Should i get the wires to go with the spark plugs?

Check engine light is off

Anything else that might help to maintain my engine/tranny?

Thanks again

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the 2 middle ones are a lot of fun. i would highly suggest changing the wires since you'll be in there.


dump the bosch plugs and get some nippendenso's or ngk's. also the cap and rotor are pretty cheap as well, just a thought.

How am i gonna get to those plugs?

I returned the bosch and I looked at some ngk's, 6.99 a piece, i want some good ones, but at the same time i dont want to pay $10+ for one.

Anyways im kinda stressin it and i just hope theres nothin more wrong, But any comments on installing the plugs/wires and whatnot would really help. Thanks

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