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  1. considering i've never seen the lamp sensor go bad, i'd be more inclined to say there might still be a bulb out or poor quality bulb.
  2. sure it only takes a few minutes but the tool wasn't free.
  3. i've done quite a few of these that were just at quick lube places. tube is easy to knock off.
  4. let me try this again...UNIVERSAL CATALYTIC CONVERTERS ARE GARBAGE!!!! i do this for a living...people and other shops bring me problems cars...take it for what its worth. i wouldn't put a universal catalytic converter on anything, period!
  5. i'm sure anything can be "done", but my guess it would be cheaper and easier to trade your car for a 2001 gs430 with these options.
  6. about $7k loaded i wouldn't even think of renting it out.
  7. Pilkington and LOF are now the same company...i can't remember who bought who. the glass company i use in my shop carries Pilkington and PPG. i've never had a problem with either of them. i still find it funny that people actually think lexus (or any other auto manufacturer) produces things like glass and paint. PPG, Pilkington, Dupont etc didn't get so sucessful just selling to aftermarket or by creating inferior products.
  8. since i have the factory scan tool i can do them myself. i just picked up a 2004 ls and there are 17 systems that can be customized. a lot of fun to play around with. the 1st thing i always change is the stupid "2 click" to open all door setting. i understand its for safety and all, but i want all 4 doors open when i hit the button.
  9. the lubricant will work for a bit and you can redo it again and again. the real fix is to remove the steering intermediate shaft and buff it with a wire wheel to smooth it out.
  10. i have not used universal cats, i just got headers, eliminated the cats and got o2 simulators. you would fail a state inspection in PA for doing this. universal cats are like flushing money down the drain. try contacting a company called davico. not sure if they will deal direct with you or not. if you send them your cat they can "clone" it.
  11. ...or find an independent that knows what they are doing, uses oem parts and charges a fair price like $34.95, plus throws in a car wash with every service. B)
  12. as for the different sizes yes they both work. in fact the number that wix lists for this crosses over to the v6 filter. personally i use the bigger one in my shop.
  13. well the problem is that most people do not read the fine print on the insurance policies. most people are looking for the cheapest insurance and never take the time to find out that they signed with a company that only pays for a/m parts when available. some insurance companies will only pay for a/m if its available and the car is older than 1 year. also another reason parts like this are more money is that the auto manufacturer needs to make its % of profit. if its a part that they don't control the manufacturing of they need to charge more. take belts for an example. bando is the supp
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