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Fwd Vs. Awd

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Considering a new 2007 rx400. Anyone like to help me out regarding pros and cons of FWD vs AWD?

You will get better acceleration and handling with the AWD. Definitely worth the upgrade if that is at all important to you. Should also be sure to get the 18" wheels.

If you have any plans for snow get the AWD.

If none of this matters much to you, then you will be very happy with the FWD (17" wheels) and the extra $$ in the bank.

Recommend you drive both and see if you can tell the difference.

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$1500 more, one MPG less, 3500# vs 2000# towing............

I ended up getting the AWD simply because the car with it was the color I wanted and it had the options I liked. I'm getting 27 mpg average, assuming the data in the car's computer is correct. Really like the bluetooth and nav. They both work great. I was driving a 2004 BMW 525i before, so not quite the same handling, but fun driving nonetheless.

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I think the same reasons applied to our RX - the right color at the right time.

My son who is learning how to drive, commented that the brakes and power feel so much better than those of the 1989 Mazda MX6 GT that he will end up driving when he gets his license. I reminded him that the RX cost 14 times as much as the Mazda did (as a used car).

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The system is finally letting me make my 1st comment. 4wd / AWD ?? What's the difference? I realize in bygone times one could disengage an axle to switch from 2wd to 4wd, but modernly, isn't AWD simply that? ... meaning it was 4wd all the time? Does this thread mean Lexus offfers the RX-400h in both options? If so, that's news to me. The dealer guy never let on.


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AWD systems allow no driver selectable control, 4WD systems are engagable from 2WD to different levels of 4WD (high and low range).

Low range gives you torque and pulling power in deep snow and offroad, something the RX is not suited for.

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