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Need Help With Blown Radio Fuse

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I was just wondering if any one could give me some advice on a strange problem I'm having with the radio fuse #1 under the hood. After hearing two pops a few seconds apart, my radio went dead. It wouldn't even power on. So naturally, I checked both fuses for the radio, and the one in the engine compartment was blown. The fuse under the dash was fine. But when I tried to replace the 20 amp fuse, it blew as soon as I put the fuse in place. The car was off. They key was not even in the ignition, but some how that fuse slot is still getting a current running through it, and enough to blow the fuse instantly. Everything else works fine. Every other fuse is still intact. But even with the car totally off, I get a spark, then a blown fuse only in that one fuse socket. Number 23 I belive. My sc400 is 100% stock. Inside and out. And I haven't needed to repair anything for the last six months. Thanks for you help.

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try get a tester and trace the wire and see which side its shorting out. its most likely that the wire just rubbed away and is exposed on a part of the body. also are there any coins in your cigarett lighter? just a thought.

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I remember a post on this or another board about a plugged water drain line from behind the fuel door. The water from car washes etc. , had gone into the trunk and saturated the carpet under the cd changer resulting in a blown fuse. Might be worth checking....

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