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Air Suspension Issues


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Following the 2nd service (30K KM) on my RX300/'04 (w. air suspension), I am experiencing a strange problem:

The right side is not raising or lowering when I change the setting in the dash, and the height indicator in the console keeps blinking for a lloonngg time. Also, the car drives like the right side is almost riding directly on the tire. I have to counter steer left and all bumps go thorugh the chassis like there were big boulders.

I called Lexus and they said that sometimes the sensors broke, and it sounded like the right sensor basically needs replacing. This is under warranty, but it will take some days to get the part in stock. They also said I can safely drive the car in the meanwhile.

Has anyone else experienced this, and is Lexus telling me the truth when they say it is safe to drive?



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Hi again,

I can't believe I am the only one this has happened to, but anyways, here is an update:

I went up to the Lexus dealership, and they replaced the height calibration sensor in the right side, and that solved the problem. It turns out that this sensor is a bit exposed when they replace the brakes in the rear on the RX. As I just had my 30K KM checkup, and they replaced the standard brakes with ceramics (for free), they think someone may have "bumped" the sensor.

It was fixed in 1 hour, and now all is great again. I love this car.

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