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At The Risk Of Being A N00b....

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Hey Guys....

I'm trying to avoid being a newby as much as possible. Today my check engine light came on in my 1995 Lexus ES300. I read through several search topics and of course FAQ to find that I should get my diagnostic code by connecting the TE1 with the E1 under the hood in the "Diagnostic" box. I tried several times hooking them together using some wire and turned the key to the "On" position to stare at only a SOLID check engine light still. I made sure all of my accessories were off and even tried putting it in Neutral while doing this, still to no avail.

Can anyone help me? I don't want to take my car to a mechanic as I perform all of my own maintenance on my Nissan 300zx. This is the first time I'd be doing any repairs on the Lexus as I've owned it only since January.

Thanks for any help guys.

PS: When the light came on the car felt no different. Even now it feels like its running fine with Maaaaybe a slightly rougher idle, but not noticable if I hadn't seen the check engine light and my paranoia went into overdrive.

PPS: My car is a 95 built in 12/94, I can only assume I am OBD1? Let me know if I'm wrong?

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find a parts store to read it for free.

Ok... realized after searching more that I was being a nooby and that I am OBDII.. tee hee. My bad. Anyway, just read it down at autozone and I got a Code P0170 (Fuel Trim Malfunction). Cleared the code and so far so good but I'm off to read through some searching about what causes the P0170

Not that I don't trust the esteemed Autozone worker who guessed it could have been bad gas, but I'd rather read a bit and see. Let me know if any of you have any ideas please, and thanks for the help!

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